Monday, April 18, 2011

Sad Day

Heidi is gone.

Heidi worked with Paige.

She was her sanity.

She was her fun.

She made every thing better.

Heidi moved.


To stinking Logan.

Where it is cold.

And snowy.

No Target. And VERY boring.

But it will all be okay.

She moved for her husbands job.

They are close to family.

And we can drive.

Bye . Bye . Heidi .

Heidi's bye bye party at work.


Julie said...

watch out Heidi - once you leave - paige never forgives you :) hahahaha - just kidds geez paige! Good luck Heidi! :)

heidi said...

not fair to make me cry.
i wasn't expecting that.
its been very sad.