Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Boy!

Josh is so dang cute - just in case you didn't know! He has been growing up so much - Mr. Independent! The other night, Nick ran to Costco with Josh - and while Nick was putting away groceries in the house, he noticed Josh was 'missing.' He looked for him in all the usual places in the house, and then headed out to the garage, Josh's favorite place to hide! Nick looked and looked - but no Josh. Nick headed out to the driveway figuring Josh headed out to look at the moon. Josh loves the moon. But no. He was not looking at the moon. He was driving the Truck!!! Now, Don't worry. The keys weren't in! Geeze! We are good parents! That kid loves to be in the car - as long as he isn't in his car seat! He loves to run around the seats, jump, and play with all the fun buttons! Josh loves shoes. He can even put on some of his own shoes! Now, he doesn't like to wear them. He is like mommy - bare feet all the way. But playing with shoes is the best fun ever! One night he tried and tried to get Nick's shoe on - he was so intent on getting it on. He fell a billion times, stomped around the pantry, and finally . . . He got it! He was so excited! :)

Josh loves hats - -everything is a hat! He still loves his cowboy hat from G&G Marshall.

Every time he heads for his rocking horse, he has to stop and get the hat. He didn't think it was very funny that Mommy stole his hat for this picture.

A couple of weeks ago, the weather was so nice, so we decided to put together our porch swing that Santa Clause (aka G&G Rawlinson) brought us. It was a quick project, and there was not any fighting or swearing. Amazing! Josh loves to go out on the swing. Lately we've been reading books, and enjoying the nice spring evenings. Our tulips are also in full bloom, and Josh is learning to smell them, not touch them!

Finally - this big boy is such a funny eater. I knew he'd be picky - but dang - he can be so difficult! One day, he can't get enough of a certain food, and the next day he hates it!

His dairy allergy also makes food selection slim, but hopefully he'll grow out of that soon. Fingers crossed!

One thing is always a favorite - pancakes - always an easy choice!

We can't believe Josh is almost 18 months - in just 2 more days! Time is FLYING by. It needs to slow down. We just have to absorb every possible minute with him! He is talking more and more since his little ear surgery - and just exploring everything!

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