Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi everybody -

We just got clearance from ICPC - and we are able to come home as planned on Friday morning! We are so excited! Can't wait to see all of you!

We are just headed into Atlanta to celebrate with our friends Aaron and Julie Marshall - Aaron is Nick's cousin, and Paige worked with Julie at the hospital! We are so excited to see them and their daughter Ava -

See you all soon!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hey everybody!

Today we went Augusta, where Josh is from. It was about a 3 hour drive each way. Josh did well on the car ride - and was just so happy! We are glad that he travels so well!

We met with Josh's birth family - and had lunch. It was fun to see Jessica and John again - and we were so excited to meet Josh's brother Johnathan and his sister Janiyah. The are so cute!

Johnathan and Paige had a great time coloring, and he loved telling her all kinds of things. Janiyah is a doll! She has the cutest smile and you can tell she gives her mom and dad a run for their money!

It was good to see them again - and we just think the world of Jessica and John - they are amazing people!

We have some fun pictures of all of us together, and some pictures from the river-walk in Augusta - but they are on our camera - and of course the cord is back home. These pictures are from Jessica's phone - that she sent to us -

This is of Jessica Janiyah and Josh

This is of Josh's birth family - Josh, Jessica, Johnathan, John, and Janiyah - they are all so cute and we just love them!
Paige took this picture of Josh on our way back to the hotel from Augusta. He was just giggling and laughing! We just love his smile - and we can't wait for each of you to see his smile in person!

We have had some delays with the Interstate Compact Paperwork - but it was all finally submitted to the state of Georgia today - hopefully they review it quickly and send it on to Utah. We are keeping our fingers crossed - and saying lots of prayers - that we will be able to come home on Friday!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Video Chat

Thanks to our good friend Jill - we have a web cam while we are out here in Georgia!

So... if you want to chat with us - we are doing it via MSN Messenger - just leave us a comment and we'll set up a time with you! Cause we know you all want to meet Josh! :)

We just had our first chat with Uncle Devin and Aunt Ashley (Nick's sister), and Uncle Garrett (Paige's brother) and Aunt Aubrey (Paige's sister).

Here are some pictures of our chat with them - Josh was just smiling so big, and giggling for them!


We had such a great time with the Thornocks!
They are such great friends!
We are so happy they made the journey down to see us
- it helped the time here in Georgia go a little faster.
This is a picture of Josh with his two new friends
- Morgan (8 months) and Kayden (2 yrs) -
We have been enjoying our day
all complete with a Sunday afternoon nap.
Josh has been sleepy today -
we must have worn him out yesterday with all of our travels!
Can't wait to see you everybody
- there has been some hold ups with the paperwork -
so cross your fingers that we'll be able to leave this week and be home for Easter!
Love ya'll!

Hello Everybody

Yesterday we got a visit from Tyler and Camille, and their two little ones, Kayden and Morgan! It was so fun to see them! We went to a childrens museum, and the Olympic Park.
We drove past the Atlanta Temple, but it is under renovation, and you can't even enter the grounds. But it sure was pretty.
We had dinner at CheeseCake Factory - our favorite - and of course Josh loved it! :)
Josh is sleeping really well, about 7 hours, and then up for a feeding and changing, and then back down for 3-4 hours. Our first night, Paige stayed up the whole night just doing the mom thing, hearing him move, and breathe - but now she is sleeping through the night as well! :)
Today we are moving to a different hotel, we are trying to pack up all of our stuff, and make it fit - good luck! :)
Here is a picture of Josh today, he just went down for a nap. We think he is the cutest thing EVER! He looks so adorable in lime green!
Thanks everybody! See you soon!

Friday, March 26, 2010


Josh has been very fun today.
We did some shopping at Wal-Mart, Ross,
and finished getting registered at Target.

During all of our adventures Josh was so happy and wide-eyed!

After a miniature photo-shot in our room, we came up with a few pictures -

Josh playing with Daddy

The board in Radiology at the hospital -

announcing Josh to all of Nick's co-workers!

Josh Giggling at Daddy and Mommy

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pictures of Josh!

Here are some more pictures of Josh - We forgot our camera plug, to upload pictures from our camera, so these are cell phone pictures. He loves to smile and laugh - but every time we were going to take a picture he would turn, or stop smiling! Besides....his smile is so much better in person!!

Just sitting up (with my new mommys help)

You love my smile don't you!

Getting ready to eat dinner

Oh - got to love those sweet potatoes!

Me and daddy, just giggling!

Oh - all tuckered out after dinner - here is me and my mommy!

Meet Josh

Hello world! We have the BEST news ever!

We are currently in Atalanta Georgia picking up this little guy!

We are the proud new parents of Josh. (Birthname: Jabbari)

Here are the details:

We spoke in our ward in December, and following our talks, we were approached by a lady in our ward who worked for an adoption agency. She urged us to fill out an application with her agency. At the time we didn't feel right about it. Time passed and the Sunday before we left for Europe, this sister approached us again, and asked us to please fill out an application, as they placed babies much faster than LDS Family Services. We didn't feel right about it then, plus - - we were headed on vacation. So.... Tuesday the 16th, this sister contacted us and told us of 3 birthmoms, all due within the month that hadn't picked adoptive families. We decided it was time to look into the agency. So we released our LDSFS information to them.

Friday the 19th, we were sitting at home putting the final touches on Paige's Mom's wedding, when the phone rang. It was Melissa, the main social worker from the Adoption Center of Choice. She said were approved, and there were babies that needed homes.

Paige was at work on Tuesday when Melissa from the Adoption Center called her at 2pm, and asked her about a situation - and if we would be interested. The situation involved a 5 month old baby named Jabbari. His birthmother, Jessica, and his birthfather, John, were interested in placing their baby, to give him a better life - due to financial struggles. Paige said we were open to a 5 month old.

At 3pm Melissa called back and asked Paige, if we would be willing to have a phone conference with Jessica and John at 4pm. Paige agreed, and headed to be with Nick at work.

The phone call from Jessica and John came around 4:15pm, we spoke for just 30 minutes. We talked about their interests, their families, and us.

At 6pm we were headed home from work, when Paige got a call from Melissa, and she asked how we felt about the phone conference. Paige told her that we thought it went well, for our first phone call with a birthfamily, and that we were SO excited that the birthfather, John, was involved. Melissa said, "Well Jessica and John though it went well, and - - - congratulations! You are going to be a Mom!" Paige quickly called Nick, and conferenced him into the conversation. Melissa told us that we needed to be in Atlanta Georgia by Thursday, to sign the adoption paperwork with an attorney here at 11am. We quickly began making travel arrangements!

We made calls to notify our family of the news, calls to cancel our plans and obligations for the next 10 days, booked flights, book hotels, and booked a car. We couldn't have accomplished all that we needed to without the Webbs. Saying thank you is not enough.

That night our good friend Jill also dropped by some much needed supplies, and gave adoption advice, as she has adopted. And Paige's boss, Donna, and her daughter Amy, dropped by. Without these friends, and so many other friends, we never would have been able to get on our way!

Our flight was Wednesday morning at 6am, so we headed to Vegas about 130am. Of course we are so thankful for Kevin and Cynthia, Nick's sister, for being so willing to take us to the airport so early!

We flew from Vegas to Chicago, and then onto Atlanta - without any sleep or food!

We arrived on-time in Atlanta, got our rental car, and headed out into the traffic, to get to our hotel.

We made phone contact with Marsheldal, a social worker from the Adoption Center who also flew out of SLC on Wednesday. She was traveling to Augusta to pick up the birthfamily. We were unable to get together Wednesday night, as Marshelda and the family arrived so late, due to travel delays.

We met for breakfast at a Waffle House, and it was there that we first met our son. We had a 40 minute breakfast before meeting with the attorney. We talked about our family, and Jessica and John told us a little more about them, Jabbari, and their other children. John has a son who is 3, a daughter who is 2, and together they have a 14 month old daughter. We instantly fell in love with Jessica and John, they are such amazing people.

The first time we saw Josh - we fell in love with his eyes. Big Dark Eyes. He is adorable. He started to jabber, and hasn't stopped. :)

We met with the attorney, and as Jessica signed the birthmother release, we felt such love and concern for her and John. Paige, of course, started to cry. It was real. Josh became ours.

Jessica and John gave us clothes, formula, and pampers. We gave them a photo album, sock monkeys for the other children, and roses and a mothers necklace for Jessica. Saying good-bye and putting Josh in our car was such a bitter sweet moment. We are so full of happiness, excitement, and love! But at the same time, we are feeling a sadness for Jessica and John. They are so strong, and words will never be enough to thank them for binding our families.

We have tried to text and send pictures, but it has been IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with the messages, and phone calls from all of our family and friends. We are so thankful for each and everyone of you - and we couldn't have remained strong, and made this journey without you.

We get to stay in Georgia until the adoption is passed by both Georgia and Utah - which generally takes 7-10 days. When we get home, we can't wait for all of you to meet Josh, and fall in love with him as we have! Thanks again for sharing in this happy day with us!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Much Awaited Vacation Post!

Hello! We decided we better get our trip posted! Beware! There are LOTS of pictures - and they are not in order of our vacation! We apologize that some of the pictures are turned sideways - but honestly - it is just a pain to turn them! So tilt your head - and enjoy!

Garrett and Nick - getting ready to ride the 'Underground' or the 'Tube' - Here in the states - it is the subway!

Nick and Paige - Houses of Parliament and Big Ben!

Us at the Tower of London!


We love Wicked!!

Windsor Castle - the Queen's favorite weekend residence!
The Preston England Temple - we forgot there was a MTC there!

The Eiffel Tower at night!

Pastries in Paris - Nick loved the chocolate and almond fondant PIG!

The Louvre

Nick and Paige with the Mona Lisa

The Arc de Triomphe!

Notre Dame! Such a beautiful Cathedral!

Eiffel Tower during the day - oh how sweet!

Speed limit signs in Scotland - Twenty's Plenty! We loved it!
Garrett and Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace - the Queens Residence in Scotland.

The courtyard of Holyrood Palace

Nick, an official guard at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. He looks very mean.

Garrett and Paige at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland - it was HUGE!!! And still used as a military base, and their 'Governor' still lives there.

The coast of Scotland - so pretty!

Welcome to Scotland!

The city of New Castle, from the top of the castle's Keep
Being Silly in the 'Keep' of the Castle in New Castle!

Ruins of Helmsley Castle

Oh Geeze - we don't remember where we are in this picture!

A castle just outside of York- it was closed for the winter season, but their courtyard had cool peacocks!

Just a country road outside of York

We drove over 2000 miles, spent lots of time on country roads, flew to Paris, took a train back to London, enjoyed the tube, and the double-decker buses!

In our drive from London to Scotland, we were able to enjoy the beautiful country side - it was picture perfect, even in February.

We had a great time on our trip! We had quite a few 'travel' problems - with airlines, rental cars, and such - but all of that aside, we saw a lot of cool things - and we had a GREAT time!

And of course....we can't wait for our next vacation!

Monday, March 1, 2010


We know you are all waiting for the details of our European get-away... but that will just have to wait!

We have some news -
Paige was sustained as our ward's Relief Society President yesterday.

Despite nervous feelings - and fear - - she is excited for this new adventure!

Who would have thought - a spunky 25 year old - who has attended Relief Society once in an 'adult ward' - could serve as a leader for nearly 170 women! What overwhelming feelings!