Monday, March 15, 2010

Much Awaited Vacation Post!

Hello! We decided we better get our trip posted! Beware! There are LOTS of pictures - and they are not in order of our vacation! We apologize that some of the pictures are turned sideways - but honestly - it is just a pain to turn them! So tilt your head - and enjoy!

Garrett and Nick - getting ready to ride the 'Underground' or the 'Tube' - Here in the states - it is the subway!

Nick and Paige - Houses of Parliament and Big Ben!

Us at the Tower of London!


We love Wicked!!

Windsor Castle - the Queen's favorite weekend residence!
The Preston England Temple - we forgot there was a MTC there!

The Eiffel Tower at night!

Pastries in Paris - Nick loved the chocolate and almond fondant PIG!

The Louvre

Nick and Paige with the Mona Lisa

The Arc de Triomphe!

Notre Dame! Such a beautiful Cathedral!

Eiffel Tower during the day - oh how sweet!

Speed limit signs in Scotland - Twenty's Plenty! We loved it!
Garrett and Queen Elizabeth at Holyrood Palace - the Queens Residence in Scotland.

The courtyard of Holyrood Palace

Nick, an official guard at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. He looks very mean.

Garrett and Paige at Edinburgh Castle in Scotland - it was HUGE!!! And still used as a military base, and their 'Governor' still lives there.

The coast of Scotland - so pretty!

Welcome to Scotland!

The city of New Castle, from the top of the castle's Keep
Being Silly in the 'Keep' of the Castle in New Castle!

Ruins of Helmsley Castle

Oh Geeze - we don't remember where we are in this picture!

A castle just outside of York- it was closed for the winter season, but their courtyard had cool peacocks!

Just a country road outside of York

We drove over 2000 miles, spent lots of time on country roads, flew to Paris, took a train back to London, enjoyed the tube, and the double-decker buses!

In our drive from London to Scotland, we were able to enjoy the beautiful country side - it was picture perfect, even in February.

We had a great time on our trip! We had quite a few 'travel' problems - with airlines, rental cars, and such - but all of that aside, we saw a lot of cool things - and we had a GREAT time!

And of course....we can't wait for our next vacation!


heddomarie said...

Wow! looks like you guys had a blast!

Van D Family said...

What fun! So jealous!

Julie said...

why hello travel queen! Love all the pics! Yeah funny that I have no idea what most of those places are (i think i need to go back to school...) but if it's a castle or something cool looking I like it! hubba hubba- haha! oh and i thought the mona lisa would be bigger?! oh and super cute pic of you nick by the eiffel tower - woot!!

jfishmag said...

Great pics!!!! I've been wondering when you were going to post some. I think you should put the pic of you and Nick by Big Ben on your adoption profile.

The Nielsons said...

How Fun! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation! Would love to visit there. Our family stems from the Windsors, so that castle is rightly MINE!

Mike and Katie said...

awesome pictures...glad you guys had a good time!

Kiley said...

Looks like it was so dang fun! Europe is a neat place to visit!

A and L Stapley said...

Hey! Looks like you guys hit all the places on your European trip that we did last may. England, Scotland, & Paris. Its amazing! Your pictures make me want to go back... BTW thanks for making my job a lot more fun on saturday, the wedding was great, and you have an amazing family!