Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Adventures 2008

We have been very busy over the last month playing our little hearts out. It all started with the deer hunt in October. We had one day to spend in the hills with Nick's family looking for that colossal buck! Of course we didn't find it, and as usual Nicks Dad's truck broke down, but we had a great time and utilized the time wisely on the four wheelers.

Nick, Paige, and our niece Shakell on the 4-Wheeler!

On our next adventure, we went to Connecticut to visit Nick’s college roommate, Craig and his wife Sarah. We had such a great time! We drove all over Connecticut, and we spent Halloween weekend in NYC, and a day in Boston!

Connecticut was so beautiful! We had two days to ourselves to drive around and explore! The foliage was so pretty- it is impossible for us to describe it, or capture it on a camera! We recommend a New England Autumn vacation for everyone!
Halloween in NYC was a riot! We saw so many interesting individuals! We spent some time in the city for our Honeymoon, but there were more crazies out for the Pagan Holiday! We stood in Time Square for awhile and admired the special souls! It was definitely a highlight of our vacation.

While we were in NYC, we saw two Broadway plays: Lion King and Mary Poppins! It was fun! The costumes at the Lion King were very cool!

We went to Boston for a day - and needless to say - it was not enough time! We ate lunch at ‘Cheers!’ Walked some of the Freedom Trail, and took a tour bus around the city. We also took pictures at the duck park – where the book, “Make Way for Ducklings” is based! Nick was making Paige and Sarah laugh so hard with his duck poses! We can't wait to go back and visit! There is so much history in Boston!

Lastly, we traveled to California this past week. We went with our neighbors Troy and Andrea, and their kids Braxton and Tanner. And we took our 4 year old niece, Alyssa. We flew to LA! It was the kids first time on a plane! Alyssa and Braxton were so excited! As we took off out of Vegas, Alyssa told Paige that the plane was tickling her tummy and her….special place! We laughed so hard, and had to change the subject quickly!

When we got to LA, we headed over to Disneyland – for 2 fun filled days! The weather was perfect, even a little warm! Having Alyssa and Braxton was so fun, because they are both so daring, and love rides! We went on all of the adult rides, except for a few that they weren’t tall enough for! They only got scared a couple of times!

Saturday we went swimming at the condo, and we went to the Beach! It was Alyssa’s first time seeing the ocean! She loved it! She made a sand castle with Andrea, and enjoyed collecting sea shells! That afternoon, we visited the San Diego Temple; it is gorgeous! And we went to the U of U game! It was a blow out – we had a great time, it was fun to be there! Troy said it was his favorite part!

Sunday we drove all over LA. We went to Hollywood, and Beverly Hills, we drove down Rodeo and Mulholland drive! We had a great time! We also went to the LA Temple!

It was a great vacation! We enjoyed spending time with our friends, and getting some one on one time with Alyssa!