Monday, December 13, 2010


Hello Friends and Family -
We have decided to make our blog private.
We are not happy about it -
as we want to be able to share our family with everyone! :) is time to protect us.
If you would like to view our blog,
please leave a comment with your email!
Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving, Meeting Santa, & Decorating the Tree

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did!

We spent Thursday with Paige's family - the feast was delicious, and it was fun to just have a small group - but we sure missed Mike and Summer and Aubree.

After dinner, Paige's uncle and his family came over for pie and games. We had a violent game of spoons, that Paige won!! Then it was time for Rock-Band. We had a great day!

Sadie and Garrett on the Guitars
Frank on the Drums!
Mom, Aubrey, and Todd singing!

Nick watching.
Josh thinking he is cool with the Wii remote
Aunt Jenny singing along!

Jesse on the Drums
Tanya and Jenny singing

Josh found a picture of himself at Grandma's house,
and he got so so so so excited!
So darn cute!

Josh dancing to Rock-Band

We started 'Black-Friday Shopping' on Thursday at 11pm. We had a blast! Our sister in law, Adrienne, and her friend Gil came, and then Paige's friend Heidi. We had quite the list to get - but we got it all! :) It only took us until noon the next day! hahahaha - we were all up for over 30 hours! We can't wait for next year!

On Saturday we went to Minersville to celebrate the holiday with Nick's family.
We needed a new / updated family picture for our ward, so we had one of our nieces take our picture before dinner.

The Dickens Festival was going on here last week. They have the best Santa ever! He is the REAL deal! So we decided to take Josh to meet him. In line he kept waving at Santa, clapping, and blowing kisses. We were getting excited - hoping he would smile and giggle for Santa - which he doesn't do at all for 'strangers' but... we were wrong. He just gave Santa his stare, and sat there as stiff as a board. But at least he didn't freak-out - and in all honesty - that is our Joshy - shy in public, and just watches everything - taking it all in.

Do you like my pose?
Mom? Dad? Where did you go?

Why is he laughing at me?

What is on your head?

We love this one!
The Santa was SO worth the wait and the money!

Merry Christmas!

We finally got our tree up last night! Our house has been decorated since Thanksgiving, minus the tree. Josh loved the ornaments, and seeing his reflection in the big red balls!

Such a helper!

Josh like putting the ornaments on the tree!
And so far. . . he has left them there.
He just likes to get close and see his reflection in the balls!

Daddy putting up the Star

We are so excited for Christmas! The holidays are so much better with Josh! :) We just love him to pieces!

Monday, November 1, 2010


Happy Halloween!
Just so everyone is aware...
We have the CUTEST dragon ever!!
Halloween started for us on Wednesday
Josh's daycare had a fun carnival
We were worried about how he would do with his costume.
The boy hates long sleeves
he hates pants
he hates socks and shoes
and he hates hats.
but amazingly -
he left on his dragon outfit - and had a blast!
He actually left on his outfit,
hood included,
every time we put him in it!
On Friday night our Ward had a Trunk-or-Treat
Josh loved starring at all of the kids in their wacky outfits
Not to mention - his silly mom and dad!
This is of us - at the Trunk-or-Treat
Yes, Nick is amazing.
He is riding a horse.
He was excited because his costume had air-conditioning
He was a very handsome cowboy!
Yee Haw!

Cute Dragon - and Buckin' Horse Rider!

After Trunk-or-Treat
We went to Paige's moms to show her our outfits.
PS. we know you are all way jealous of Paige's eyelashes -
They are totally real! :)

Josh loved Paige's hat, her eyelashes,
and her bright red lips!

Josh and Daddy
Giggling about something

Cute (snot nose) Dragon

Quite Possibly my FAVORITE picture ever!

Oops - a little more top heavy than normal.
Josh was so funny waddling around

Josh is now HOOKED on M&M's
Thanks to Grandma Rawlinson!

We had a great time Trick-or-Treating
We went Saturday night
With some awesome friends!
Josh caught on to the free treat bit - pretty quick
After about the 3rd house,
Josh started to sign for please
(which is rubbing your chest in a circle)
when the door would open
and then he would pick out a candy
and put it right in his mouth.
We have one year old that already
understands Trick-or-Treating!
Halloween is SO MUCH BETTER
when you have a Cute Dragon!
What were your cuties dressed up as this year?

Monday, October 25, 2010

1 year dr appointment

***Birthday Party Post Below This One ***
Josh had his ONE YEAR Doctor Appointment today.
He was tired.
It was nap time.
He was needing a snack.
He has 2 new teeth coming in.
Needless to say . . .
He wasn't super happy about being at the Doctor.
He was really upset when he realized he would be getting shots.
4 of them to be exact.
But he had his mommy and daddy to hold
and a bottle to comfort him.
He did good.
He just hated being held down the most.
Here are his stats:
Weight 19.5 Pounds - 7%
Height 30 Inches - 60%
Head 18 Inches - 53%
So he is tall and skinny -
of course we knew that!
We are excited to be done with formula!
and baby food!
Josh is such a good little eater!
It is so fun to watch him discover new foods, and how to feed himself!

Barn-Yard Bash!!

Happy First Birthday Josh!
On Friday Night - we had a Barn-Yard Bash to celebrate!
No Barn-Yard party is complete without food, friends, family, and farmers.

Don't you think Josh is the cutest little farmer ever?!!

Miles is a super cute farmer too!

Oh Gus - he is a total farmer!

Then there is me, Paige, not so much a farmer.

Ella is a beautiful farmer!

And Jill...She is the special farmer! :)

It was sad, that not everybody got there picture as a farmer. I was really excited about the cute backdrop, but food must come first! :) We had a very tasty BBQ.
After dinner we had a pinata

Josh wasn't to sure

But Miles showed everyone how to do it!

GO Camrie!

Lydia - such a cutie - she was loving 'new' toys!

Aiden - such a stud!

Tanner - if you stick your tongue out, you can hit better!


It was Braxton's 7th birthday as well
we are so happy he let us share his special day!



After the Pinata - time for CAKE!
I made the cake -
with help on the fondant from my great, awesome, wonderful friend Heidi
It was the FIRST time we'd played with fondant -
I think we did a pretty dang good job!

I set the cake down, to get a picture, and so we could all sing.
Josh was so excited!!
He was squeezing his hands, and reaching for the cake -
he wanted to dig in!

Blow out the candle

Josh's cake to dig into -
This was the last attempt to make a darn barn stand up.
There were much cuter barns that were made, but they all fell over.
So . .. Alas, this was the cake . . . not pretty. . .
but I don't think Josh cared, he was happy to dig in!


Stop for a quick picture

Josh puts EVERYTHING in his hair.
Oh geeze.

Josh was sharing with everyone that walked past him
Such a nice boy!

Can't get enough!

After cake comes presents.
That Josh is so dang spoiled!
We had LOTS of helpers there to help Josh open his presents.
He was pretty overwhelmed . . . so was I!
A rocking horse from Grandma and Grandpa Marshall
and Uncle Gus, and Aunt Adrienne and kiddos -
He loves it!
He has already learned to squeeze the ears
to make it sing or make sounds
and he loves to watch the horses mouth move!

He got a four-wheeler from Grandma and Grandpa Rawlinson
He loves to PUSH it around the house and
he likes all the fun sounds it makes.
Taking it all in -
One very very very loved little boy!

This is Grandpa Rawlinson,
He made sure we got everything on video!
Thanks Grandpa!
In the background is a cute barn banner we had made for the party!

After everyone left, around 10pm -
Josh was wired -
so we opened up all of his toys - and let him play

It was a great party! We had so many family and friends come to have fun with us.
We are always amazed with the amount of support
and love our family feels from those around us.
Thanks to everyone for joining us - making Josh's day memorable!
For Journal purposes, here is who attended:
Grandma and Grandpa Rawlinson
Grandma and Grandpa Marshall
Aunt Aubrey
Aunt Adrienne
Aunt Ashley and Uncle Devin
Uncle Troy, Aunt Andrea, Braxton, Tanner, and Camrie
Derek, Lisa, and Lydia
Jon, Jeny, and Miles
Vanessa, Aiden, and Aniston
Amanda, Macey, and Emma
Chelsea, Rafael, Conner, Chase, Cambrie, Cyd
Stephanie and Mia
Jill, Greg, Bay, and Ella
Thanks so much everyone!
We love ya lots and lots!