Friday, August 20, 2010

10 Months!

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Josh is 10 months old today!
He has been apart of our family for almost 5 months!
Time sure flies!
Josh is doing so many fun things:
* stairs. he loves stairs
* plays the piano. he loves music.
* giggles when mommy plays the piano and makes actual music
* must eat table food with mommy and daddy
* loves water. tub. shower. pool
* has discovered the cupboards in the kitchen
* loves to play peek-a-boo
* Sunday morning he kept putting the blanket over mommy and pulling it down
* last night he pulled the blanket over himself, and slowly lowered it down
* he is stubborn. he gets his way.
* he has learned to pull himself up - to anything and everything
* he loves it outside
* at daycare he climbs UP the slide to go down
* he finally laughed for one of his teachers
* he laughs constantly for mommy and daddy
* but he is stingy when it comes to others
* he has to take EVERYTHING in when in a new environment
* it takes him at least 30 min to warm up
* he lays in his crib and will babble before going to sleep, and when he wakes up
* he sleeps 10 hours
* he pats you on the back when you hold him
* he is learning to give hugs
* he gives the best kisses
* he waves bye bye - but only to a select few
* he loves to babble in the car and make long noises (singing!)
* clapping - cutest. thing. ever.
* gets so excited to see mommy and daddy

Yesterday we had all kinds of fun with Josh!
We went to Pasta Factory where he enjoyed all kinds of new foods!
Olives, Croutons, Pasta, Breadsticks, and of course lemons.

He gobbled down a lemon. Seriously gobbled it!
He would grab it and shove it in his mouth.
So cute!

The post lemon face...but also eyeing the lemon, wanting more

Last night Auntie Aubrey came over to play.
Josh loves Aubrey!

Aubrey and Josh being silly!

Josh giving Aubrey loves.
He loves to grab her face/hair/earrings and just kiss and kiss.
So funny!

We had Sunday dinner last week at Paige's moms.
She loves being a granny -
She wanted to feed Josh dinner.

We love our Joshy and we can't believe he is 10 months!
Last night we cleaned out his closet - packed up all the small clothes.
Of course... Paige cried. She always cries.
It is so hard to see him grow right up - and so dang fast!
Why didn't anyone tell us it was lightning speed!
We are so lucky to have Josh - he makes life SO happy!
Of course - we are busy planning a huge first birthday party -
so stay tuned! :)

Bye Bye Sylvia

Oh Sylvia -
our beloved Camry Hybrid - is gone.
We got her for Paige, when she finished Nursing School.
We loved her.

But, we traded her in - for a car that could handle Josh.
Who knew about all of the baby stuff needed to travel,
and Sylvia (our car) had a very small trunk
due to her hybrid batteries.
Sad day. Very Sad Day.

Paige even cried driving her into work on the last morning. :(
Here are the goodbye pictures:

Josh's last drive to day-care in Sylvia

We bought ourselves an SUV!
8 Passengers
Remote Start
Voice Activated - seriously cool -
she changes radio stations, temp, and lots more -
all you do is tell her what to do! LOVE IT!

All sorts of fun bells and whistles.

We picked up our fancy new
Honda Pilot - Touring edition - on Wednesday.

Josh loves his new ride!
He loves to look out the windows,
and he loves singing along with mommy
to the XM radio! :)

Don't worry - we got her Wednesday -
and Paige drove her off the lot with 16 miles.
and on Friday at lunch - she hit 100 miles.
But most important....
she still smells new!

Can't wait to pick ya'll up and take you for a ride!

Friday, August 13, 2010

First Camp Out!

We went camping on Beaver Mountain last weekend with Andrea and Troy. Every year, Andrea's family gets together at 'their' campground on the mountain - we have been lucky enough to be invited for the past 2 years to their family camp-out . . . and we love it! We look forward to it!

This was Josh's first time camping - it was cold, rainy, and wet, but he did great! We actually slept in Cynthia's (Nick's sister) trailer - about 25 minutes away from Andrea's family - so that we didn't have to put up, and clean up a tent - because we left pretty early Saturday - so that we could make it to Logandale, for Koby;s (our nephew) baptism.

It was so cold, so we let Josh sleep in the bed with us - none of us slept well - but it was sure fun to be camping! :)

This is Josh kissing Daddy on Friday night.
Josh had dutch oven potatoes for the first time - and he loved them!
Smiling with Daddy

Little Miss Camrie - such a cutie -
She was walking all over camp!

Do you think those 2 love eachother lots? I sure do!

It got cold, so we put a beanie on Josh,
that Paige's aunt made for him -
So funny!

Alright....enough with the beanie - take it off!

This is Saturday morning - breakfast anyone?

Tanner, Andrea and Troys son,
Celebrated his 3rd birthday on the mountain.
We had a construction party!
Don't you think Josh is SUPER cute in his consturction hat?!!
Tanner, the birthday boy -
He was suppose to be filling up a bucket with dirt,
using only a spoon,
but he wanted to pose for a picture instead!
We sure LOVE this little guy!

Josh again, get this hat off-a-me!
He hates hats!
Hey what is Camrie doing in Josh's Stroller?
She sure is cute!
Oh - Camrie is in the stroller,
because Claudia and Rob had Josh!
Look at him all wrapped up and toasty warm!

We had a BLAST camping! The Smith family is awesome! We love being in the mountains, and it is even better with great friends!

We also celebreated Troy's birthday while we were camping - we don't have any pictures on our camera, because we were manning the camera's for Andrea - she suprised Troy with a trip to NYC for the US Open (tennis) Troy was super suprised - and they are so excited! They'll be gone for a week! Without us! What are we going to do without them? More importantly - is it possible for them to enjoy a vacation without us? We hope so, but we'll see!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing SO fast

Oh we just want time to slow down, and Josh to stop growing! It goes by SO fast!! Josh has been so funny - getting his sense of humor, learning so many new things, and keeping us on our toes!

Here is some fun new things about Josh:

* got his first tooth last week - and he actually did pretty well.

* loves to sit up at the table with us when we are eating, and eat his puffs - - - he acts like such a big boy

* laughs at us constantly

* has started to giggle at himself in the car

* started a fake cough to get attention

* rubs the back of his head - loves to touch his hair

* sit in his crib after he wakes up and play for about 30 minutes

* climbs on everything

* and of course - nothing new - he loves ALL water

Last night we had to record some of his new discoveries -

This is Josh in his bouncy - just a laughing. He loves to bounce and bounce - and his laugh is the best thing ever! Enjoy!!

Then - he discovered the stairs last night for the first time. This is a video of his second trip up the stairs. He made it all the way to the top both times!

Oh man - I had the camera turned funny!! So just tilt your head so you can watch this adorable video!!! Sorry!

Then the little turkey found our piano - and had to play us a song. Of course once we tried to video - he stopped and just smiled at us - but he loves to press the keys. We got one still picture - He is so funny.

This is just another fun picture of Josh - he loves to kneel up and play.

We are so in love with this cute little guy! We are so happy that he is part of our family!