Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Growing SO fast

Oh we just want time to slow down, and Josh to stop growing! It goes by SO fast!! Josh has been so funny - getting his sense of humor, learning so many new things, and keeping us on our toes!

Here is some fun new things about Josh:

* got his first tooth last week - and he actually did pretty well.

* loves to sit up at the table with us when we are eating, and eat his puffs - - - he acts like such a big boy

* laughs at us constantly

* has started to giggle at himself in the car

* started a fake cough to get attention

* rubs the back of his head - loves to touch his hair

* sit in his crib after he wakes up and play for about 30 minutes

* climbs on everything

* and of course - nothing new - he loves ALL water

Last night we had to record some of his new discoveries -

This is Josh in his bouncy - just a laughing. He loves to bounce and bounce - and his laugh is the best thing ever! Enjoy!!

Then - he discovered the stairs last night for the first time. This is a video of his second trip up the stairs. He made it all the way to the top both times!

Oh man - I had the camera turned funny!! So just tilt your head so you can watch this adorable video!!! Sorry!

Then the little turkey found our piano - and had to play us a song. Of course once we tried to video - he stopped and just smiled at us - but he loves to press the keys. We got one still picture - He is so funny.

This is just another fun picture of Josh - he loves to kneel up and play.

We are so in love with this cute little guy! We are so happy that he is part of our family!


Julie said...

haha i love how much he bounces in the bouncer - it's like whoa buddy!! :) side note..nothing to do with Josh at all.... but remember when your dog fell down the stairs? just saying...

Kelli said...

Ooooooh!!!!! He is soooo ADORABLE!!!!! They grow way to fast...... sniffle sniffle sniffle. It is so fun to watch their little personalities come out, and they are so much fun at that age!

jfishmag said...

Josh you are SO CUTE! I love it when you do you scrunchy face!

heidi said...

Such adorable videos and pictures.
Love how much josh loves you guys and vice versa.
Cannot believe how BIG he is getting!

The Nielsons said...

My gosh, he is getting so big. Next he will be walking...child proof those cupboards! What a doll!

Susan S said...

Loved the videos of such a wonderful little guy. Lucky little boy to have such fab parents!