Monday, June 13, 2011

Blessing Day

Nick's Little Sister Ashley -and her husband Devin - blessed their twin boys on Saturday. It was great! Korbin and Mckoy are getting so big! It is amazing to think they were 11 weeks early - but here they are - at 6 months old - healthy - and just as normal as a full term 6 month old. They are super duper cute

Proud Grandpa and Grandma Marshall

Generation Picture - Grandma Betty Marshall, Grandpa Greg Marshall, Ashley, Korbin, and Mckoy!

Us with the boys - Josh loves loves loves those babies!

It was a great day! We are so happy for their little family - we think the world of them! They are the best!


Josh is such a goof! We are loving every second of him! Here are some of our latest happenings: This cute boy - loves loves loves cereal - you can find him carrying around the bag - and munching all the time!

I know this is not a pretty picture at all - - - but Josh is on a snuggle kick - and I'll take all the snuggles I can get - Every night - this is our routine - snuggle, milk, and blanket. I am loving it!

Mr. Cool Dude - loving those sun glasses! He is super stylish!

The other day, Andrea called to see if we wanted to come slip'n'slide - We were excited - because it was so blasted hot! Josh was not as excited as we thought he'd be!

Learning how to drink out of the sprayer from Tanner!

Getting Ready to go down the slide. . .

Here is a Video of the slide -

After the Slide - he was not loving it. Sad boy.

But Andrea to the rescue - trying to get him interested in the cool water...

Andrea is the best Auntie ever! She blew bubbles for Josh trying to get him interested!

Camrie - getting a much needed drink! :)

Mr. Tanner - so darn cute!