Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we got to watch Tanner and Camrie

- our neighbor kiddos -

while their parents headed up to SLC for the day.

We had a blast!

First we came home from day care,

enjoyed a ding dong :) out on the swing

and then gathered for milk in the living room.

Of course we read the tickle monster book,

and played the Wii!


When Nick got home,

we BBQ'd and had a picnic in the backyard!

Then we decided, it was a super nice evening!

And we headed out to feed the ducks!

On the drive over, Camrie was so excited,

and Tanner was so scared.

When we got there,

and they saw the ducks,

Camrie burst into tears!

But after we feed them some bread,

they both got excited!

Of course, Josh was never afraid -

he took right after those ducks!

Nick showing the kiddos a turtle that was in the pond

Camrie - saying 'cheeeeese - duck!'

Tanner and Camrie

My cute boys!

Josh was laughing so so so hard!

He loved the ducks!

Josh feeding the duck!

Look at those cute kiddos!

We ended the night with a bath-tub full of kids,

stories, prayers, and kisses.

It was fun to have all three of them -

they are all close in age, and play so well together!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Josh will only sit still for a certain amount of time - and generally that involves only 2 things -
Baby Einstein or Wheel of Fortune!
Last night - we were relaxing - and watching TV -
Josh kept asking for a 'cook-cook' which is a cookie/cracker -

He was very persistent to hold the box himself - we let him, and then - he settled right in to the couch - focused on wheel of fortune - and gobbled up his teddy grahams!

Silly Boy! You are growing up - oh - to - fast!!


Happy Easter! We had a great Easter weekend - with Nick's family.

Friday afternoon. Adrienne, Nick's sister-in-law - came down with her 4 kiddos - we had a blast - playing croquet, eating pizza, and decorating cookies before the rest of the family arrived on Saturday morning!

Saturday morning, we started off with an Easter-Egg-Hunt! There were almost 200 eggs for the kiddos to find! Josh was a pro!

Finding eggs in the sand!

Here is Cute Camrie -

Alyssa - asking if she can please pick up the egg that is on the grass! :) The eggs on the grass were suppose to be for Josh and Camrie - but neither one wanted the 'easy' eggs!

Braxton, Alyssa, & Gus - trying find an egg!

Josh - hunting eggs with daddy!

Devin and one of the cute twiners! This was their first 'real' outing - besides the doctors! :)

We were so happy that they came to play with us!

The other cute twiner with mommy Ashley! day I'll be able to tell those cute identical boys apart!...

Uncle Gus came down and surprised us! He had been out on the train, but arrived home early, and headed down to celebrate with us! His wife and kiddos were excited to see him! He loved snuggling the babys!

Josh, pointing to more eggs - daddy!

After the egg hunt, we had a delicious BBQ - and then we flew kites! Not much the kids powered their own kites by running!

Here is Tanner! Run Tanner! Run!

All the kiddos running with their kites!

Uncle Devin was such a trooper - helping the kites fly!

Just a cute boy!

Josh discovered our sand box! He had a blast!

Then ... he discovered how the sand tasted! Oh Joshy...

Sand-Angels anyone?

Josh - enjoying - - - someone's otter-pop!

Josh loves loves loves babies! He was so excited to have the twins visit! And get to snuggle them!

Easter Morning

Josh coming down the stairs to discover his Easter Basket!

See what the Bunny left!

He is actually screaming - not laughing - he wanted to play in his toy box, not see his basket!

Silly Josh-Bunny!

Josh loves the swimming duck that the bunny left him!

Every boy needs a duck - and sun glasses!

Enjoying his new farm puzzle

Easter morning - all ready for church!

Josh got this cute lawn-mower from Grandma and Grandpa Rawlinson - He loves it!!

We had a great Easter - it is so much fun with Josh! He is so interactive - and so full of energy! It is great to watch him learn and explore!

We hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Care Easter

The Day Care had an Easter Egg Hunt today -

I ran over to watch!

Here is Josh - all ready for the festivities -

Of course - the glasses lasted about 4 seconds!

Walking out to the play-ground to find eggs

with his teacher, Ms. Lisa

Let the fun begin!
Josh was awesome!
He knew just what to do!
Get all the "BALLS!"

Showing momma his 'balls!'

Throwing the eggs down,

to find them again!

Oh look, he spotted some more!

Alrighty - where did the basket go?

Stopping for a photo-op for Mom

Josh was able to open 2 eggs and eat the treat!

A crabby-patty

and a gummy coke!

Enjoying the crabby-patty! I like the coke gummy?

Yep! He kept asking for more!