Friday, April 22, 2011


Braxton is our Neighbor.

Josh loves loves loves the neighbor kids (the Webb family).

Last night Braxton came over to play,

and accompany us to the dump!

While we were loading the truck with junk

- Braxton came to me and said,

"Paige, I'm so glad you bought him, he is so much fun!"

Then he started talking to Nick,

"Nick, it is a shame, he didn't come at Christmas."

"Why is that a shame?"

"Then he would have come in a box with air holes and water!"


We love the thoughts of Braxton!

Josh giving Braxton Hugs and Kisses!


Dacia said...


The Webb Kids said...
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The Webb Family said...

Oh, the things that come out of my child's mouth...what will he come up with next?? It was pretty dang funny tho!