Friday, April 29, 2011


Last night we got to watch Tanner and Camrie

- our neighbor kiddos -

while their parents headed up to SLC for the day.

We had a blast!

First we came home from day care,

enjoyed a ding dong :) out on the swing

and then gathered for milk in the living room.

Of course we read the tickle monster book,

and played the Wii!


When Nick got home,

we BBQ'd and had a picnic in the backyard!

Then we decided, it was a super nice evening!

And we headed out to feed the ducks!

On the drive over, Camrie was so excited,

and Tanner was so scared.

When we got there,

and they saw the ducks,

Camrie burst into tears!

But after we feed them some bread,

they both got excited!

Of course, Josh was never afraid -

he took right after those ducks!

Nick showing the kiddos a turtle that was in the pond

Camrie - saying 'cheeeeese - duck!'

Tanner and Camrie

My cute boys!

Josh was laughing so so so hard!

He loved the ducks!

Josh feeding the duck!

Look at those cute kiddos!

We ended the night with a bath-tub full of kids,

stories, prayers, and kisses.

It was fun to have all three of them -

they are all close in age, and play so well together!

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The Webb Kids said...

They make me laugh!! thanks for letting them come and play and stay until the wee hours of the morning. They will admit their other mom and dad are much more fun than us!!