Friday, April 22, 2011

Day Care Easter

The Day Care had an Easter Egg Hunt today -

I ran over to watch!

Here is Josh - all ready for the festivities -

Of course - the glasses lasted about 4 seconds!

Walking out to the play-ground to find eggs

with his teacher, Ms. Lisa

Let the fun begin!
Josh was awesome!
He knew just what to do!
Get all the "BALLS!"

Showing momma his 'balls!'

Throwing the eggs down,

to find them again!

Oh look, he spotted some more!

Alrighty - where did the basket go?

Stopping for a photo-op for Mom

Josh was able to open 2 eggs and eat the treat!

A crabby-patty

and a gummy coke!

Enjoying the crabby-patty! I like the coke gummy?

Yep! He kept asking for more!


Julie said...

look at those faces hahahaha - love him!

Dacia said...

What a cutie!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

He looks like Mr. Cool of the pre-school in this sunglasses!
Love the thoughts Braxton shared as well in the post below. Hilarious!