Monday, April 18, 2011

East Zion Vacation

For the last 3 years we've been super duper lucky

to stay in a 'cabin' in East Zion - at the Ponderosa.

Now ... these are not 'cabins' these are luxury homes - they are fabulous!

Lots of 4-wheeling, relaxing, eating, laughing....

we have a great time with Paige's family/siblings.

Here is Josh - running wild.

Loving on 'one' of his Aunt Aubrey's - - -

(Paige's step sister is also named Aubree!)

Paige's brother Mike, enjoying a very very large campfire marshmallow!

He has the smallest mouth ever -

no playing chubby bunnys here! :)

Josh loved the clementines (oranges) he thought they were balls -

and the kid is obsessed with balls

- He'd climb up there and throw the 'balls!'

Exploring outside -

There was just a titch of snow left, and Josh enjoyed licking it up

- along with the dogs.

Oh My Goodness...

Going on a 4-wheeler ride with Mommy!

A HUGE thanks to Nick's brother Gus - and his wife -

for letting us borrow their awesome machines! :)

We had a blast -

Another ride with mommy -

I'm such a stud in my glasses!!

We have some cute pictures of him asleep on Nick's 4-wheeler

on Paige's sister-in-law's camera - Summer.

Josh was asleep within in like 5 minutes of each ride!

Silly kid!

He won't sleep in a car - ever -

but put him on the 4-wheeler and he bounces right to sleep!

Trying on Uncle Garrett's helmet - - a little big!

We colored eggs - and only had one spill from Josh!

The next morning, Grandma hid the eggs for Josh to find! He caught on super quick - and was on the run - finding the eggs - and 'throwing' them into the basket! Of the 25ish eggs he found. . . only one remained solid - :) tee hee hee.

On the last night,

we headed out to a fire-pit to roast those huge marshmallows!

Josh was bundled up - and was mesmerized by the fire!

Us at the fire-pit

We decided to try and get a few updated family pictures.

1. we need them just cause and

2. for the adoption process...again...

Thanks for snapping the pictures Aubrey!

We had to bring Garrett, Paige's youngest brother out with us,

to get Josh to giggle!

He sure thinks Garrett is funny! :)

Isn't he a cutie?

We had a great time!

Always lots and lots of fun to be with family - to play - and relax!

Thanks again Mom for the awesome get away!


Julie said...

CUTE pictures! And yay about getting ready to bring another beautiful baby to your family - woot! speaking of family - hello?! where was I at this cabin - I am feeling replaced by 'real' family??!! :)

tylerandtia said...

He is so so cute! Getting so big! We need to do a play date! :) They are getting to that fun age!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

SO fun! I love the photos that show Josh's two bottom teeth. Adorable.
Um, yes, we do need to get together. We thought maybe you had fallen off the face of the earth :)

heidi said...

so so fun!
love the adorable pictures.

Baileys said...

Way cute pics! Sounds like a lot of fun.

Mike and Summer Pearson said...

Oh shoot I forgot I had those pictures I will get you copies and send them down with LuDean and Todd when they come up! :)