Tuesday, February 10, 2009


My friend from high school has a blog for her hand made jewelry - and she is having a clearance sale! She does AMAZING work - so check it out! http://accessoriesalamode.blogspot.com/

I have so many friends - with great crafty talents -who have turned their talents into a business- check them out - they are all on my side bar! I wish I could be as crafty and as driven as these amazing ladies!


We started attending our home ward the first of this year - And - of course they recognized our talent - and snagged us right up - to work in the Primary! We've now had two weeks of teaching the 4 year olds - and let us just say - Wow! They are just little bundles of energy! They've told us some pretty funny stuff!! We are excited for the calling - but - it takes a lot of work keeping their attention! Last week we took a reverence jar - to earn a party! Mostly we just got told over and over "Teacher, look! I'm being reverent!" We are having lots of fun though!