Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family Pictures

We got family and baby pictures done a couple of weeks ago. Our friend Natasha did a GREAT JOB! We picked just a few of them to show ya'll!
Our new family!
Josh LOVES his toes!

We just love this picture because of Josh's mouth! So funny!

I'm not sure who loves who more! Josh or Daddy!

Happy Josh!

We are loving this guy! Check out those curls!

Nick is a GREAT DADDY! Better than I ever imagined!
He and Josh have a very special bond already!

Just loving on Josh - We can't get enough!
Isn't he the cutest thing ever! We are so happy to be a family!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 6 Months Josh

Josh is 6 months old today!
He had is 6 month doctor appointment yesterday!

Here are his stats:
Weight: 14 pounds 6 ounces
Length: 27 1/2 inches

Josh is tall and skinny
His pediatrician told us he will be just like his dad!
We loved it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Well Hello!

We've been home from Atlanta for 2 weeks - and it is time for an update!

This picture is from placement day, March 25th.
We are just in awe of Jessica and John - and we are so thankful for them, and their gift to us.
We love Josh SO much!

Right after placement, we ran to Target to buy some supplies, and register! Josh was so happy and it was so exciting to show him off as our new son!

This is Josh just hanging out with dad before bed time, on placement day. Think Nick looks happy? We sure do!

This is Marshelda, the social worker from the agency. She flew out to Atlanta to help with the placement. She was GREAT to work with!

When Ty and Camille came to visit us, we went to a children's museum - of course our first family picture had to be taken on a JOHN DEERE!

This is Olympic Park - The flowers and blossoms are so beautiful!
So different than what we are use to!

We went to Stone Mountain for an afternoon.

Josh's first plane ride! Headed to home sweet home!
He did GREAT on the plane ride! He only fussed for a few minutes each flight!

When we got home we were greeted by Paige's friends: Donna and Heidi.
And...two welcome home signs! The one pictured is from Paige's sister Aubrey!
It felt great to be home! We were so excited to have Josh's room ready! It was PERFECT! The paint was perfect, the bedding was perfect, everything was perfect. We are so thankful for our friends and family members who put our house together for Josh's homecoming! We had toys in our living room, baby room ready, and clean walls and blinds! A big shout out to the Webbs - what would we do without them! and also to our families, ward friends (Jill Magnesen) and friends (Heidi and Daniel!)

Easter Saturday - we had a big shin-dig at our house! All of Nick's family came, minus his brother Gus, who was working on the railroad! We are sad - he was missed!
This is Josh with Grandpa! Already - we can see the Wrangles, Boots, and Hat - and believe it or not - we are excited!

Josh and Grandma Marshall

Grandma Marshall was so excited to take Josh on his first Easter egg hunt! So cute!
Thanks Aubrey for the darling basket!

Josh is loving all of the attention from his cousins! Here is his very sweet cousin Alyssa!
Alyssa is such a doll - and she came with her mom and sisters to help set up Josh's room. She tied all of the bows on the bumper of Josh's crib - and might we add - she did a GREAT job!
Josh and cousin Kaden! Kaden is such a sweetheart with the little kids!
He could get Josh just a laughing!

Easter Morning: of course the Bunny found Josh's new house!
Think he looks adorable in those bunny ears? We do! He was so happy - and all smiles!

Ashely and Devin came to watch Conference with us on Easter.
Braxton and Tanner came over to show us the Easter egg that they made for Baby Josh -
It was ADORABLE! Braxton was so excited - and he wrote "Joshs Egg" on it!
He even picked out very cute stickers for the egg - and he was so proud of himself - and excited to share the egg with Josh! Braxton and Tanner are so excited to have Josh! Andrea tells us that Tanner asks about Josh all of the time! We just love love love the Webbs!

Blair, Vanessa, and Aiden also came to visit Josh on Easter.
Aiden is getting a baby sister, due in May, and can you just see how excited he is! :)

We had Easter dinner at Paige's Moms. It was great! Here is Josh and aunt Aubrey.
Aubrey has been so fun with Josh - she is just ready to show him around to everyone! Aubrey had Josh's dresser drawers full of clothes and exciting things when we got home!
We just love Auntie Aubrey!

We went to Vegas for Nick to take his MRI boards for work. Of course... he passed! Wahoo! Go Nick! But no trip is complete to Vegas - without seeing Cynthia, which we surprised her at her office! And of course a trip to CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!
Josh found his tongue while we where eating! Now he just LOVES his tongue!

On Friday, Josh got to meet his other Aunt Aubree!
We are so excited to have Aubree and an official part of our family!
(for those of you that didn't know - Paige's mom got married on March 20th -
we've got to post about that great event still!)

Well, Paige's mom is a new Grandma!
She isn't sure which title she wants yet - what do you think? Does she look like a Granny? She just loves to gobble up Josh - and she calls almost everyday from work to talk to him on the phone! We love it!

Grandma Luey (Paige's Mom) bought Josh the stroller and car seat combo! Wahoo!
So of course - once we got the stroller all assembled - we went for our first family walk!
It was 80 degrees outside - and Josh LOVED the walk! Thanks Grammy!

Josh got to meet Derek, Lisa, and Lydia Larson last Friday. They brought us delicious dinner! We just love the Larson family!! Lydia and Josh loved hanging out! Lydia used Josh's swing - and she was just a rocking that think back and forth! She is SUCH a doll!

On Saturday Teona, Telsha, and Barbara Johnson came to visit us! Teona is one of Paige's bestest friends from High School! It was so fun to visit with them!

We decided to start Josh back on some foods, now that his tummy has settled down.
Here is his 'first' time with rice cereal! He did well! He didn't spit it back at mom - that time -
but since then - he loves to blow bubbles while eating!

Sunday was Josh's first time at church - because of conference!
He was so handsome - The people in our ward are so nice - and they just think Josh is adorable!
Well, who doesn't think he is adorable?!!
Thursday evening, Mom and Josh played on the grass. He loves the grass!

We are so happy to have Josh! We can't imagine life without him! Even though it has officially only been three weeks - we feel like we have known him forever!
Thanks everyone for your love, support, and visits! We are so thankful for our friends and family, and we are so exited to have so many people that love Josh!