Monday, July 30, 2012

' I'm Wide Awake '

Josh LOVES LOVES LOVES to sing - 

His latest thing is singing songs from the radio - 
It is pretty darn cute!

He loves when 'Wide Awake' by Katy Perry comes on - 

He sings ...
Thought I know then what I know then
Wide Awake
I Wide Awake
Pretty Darn Cute 
if you ask us!

Vacation Down South

It's time to blog about our vacation to The South. 
In April we headed down to Tennessee - to adopt a baby girl -
that didn't turn out -
 but there were plenty of other 
GREAT highlights about that trip - - 

We went to Georgia 
So Josh was able hang out with his biological family!!

Josh, Janiyah, and Johnathon playing in our bed at the hotel!

We took the kids to a place called "Monkey Joe's"
basically a bunch of blow up toys to climb and jump on - 
The kids had a BLAST!!

We were able to stop by Josh's birth-dad John's Grandma's house - 
so we met Josh's Great Grandmother, and some aunts - 
Sorry no pictures there :(

We also stopped by and saw Josh's birth-mom Jessica's mom - 
So we met Josh's Grandmother 

Josh and his sister Janiyah are about 10 months apart - 
they had a BLAST together!!


We went to the River-Walk park - 
it was the same place we went last time
 with them when we got Josh!

Johnathon, Janiyah, Josh

Having fun on the slides!

Lovin' on each other! So cute together!
That handsome guy - is John - Josh's birth-dad

Josh's Birth-Family
Jessica (holding baby Jordyn)
Johnathon Janiyah Josh & John

Josh giving baby Jordyn kisses

Us at the River-Walk

We went to Chuck-E-Cheese 
Josh loved riding the horse - pretending he was in the horse races - 
He belongs to Grandpa Marshall for sure!!

While we were down in Georgia - 
We crossed the boarder to South Carolina 
and got Josh's FIRST hair cut at a Wal-Mart

He hated the apron!

So Handsome!

Back in Memphis we had to visit Graceland!
the Home of Elvis!

Elvis' plane - was awesome!

Paige's mom flew out as well - 
With her there - decided to visit the Zoo

Josh and Grandma!

He hated the noises the dino's made - 
So he plugged his ears!

Watching the Lions

Hanging with the Hippos!

We sat and watched this panda eat and poop and eat and poop!
He was super cute!


All in all - our two weeks spent Down-South were very fun. 
Josh traveled great and had a wonderful time!

2 Weeks!

Little Ms Lexy had her 2 week appointment 
today with the best Dr ever 
 Dr. Nygaard.

She weighed a whopping 7 pounds 1 ounce
up from her small 6 pounds 4 ounces at birth

She measured 19.5 inches at birth and 
Today she was 19.2 
She shrunk! 

Fun things about Lexy at 2 weeks - 

* drinking 3 ounces at a time
* sleeps about 4 hours between feedings - even at night! 
* loves to be swaddled tight
* hates to burp - won't do it
* likes the car seat and car
* has the cutest 'gas' smiles
* still has tons of hair
* has an 'outie' belly button
* happy baby 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nick's 15 Year Reunion

Nick's 15 year class reunion was last weekend.  

Because he went to BEAVER High School - - 
They decided to play a game called....

Battle of the Beavers 

They divided into two teams - girls against boys - and had various challenges.
 The winning team got to pick 2 people to plan the next reunion.  .  . 
Lucky for Nick - he got picked - 
So he is planning a 20 year cruise! :)
Sounds like my kind of reunion!!

Nick, and his 'bestie' Mekeisia were voted MVP's of their teams 
- my goodness we had a good laugh!

Nick with his Battle of the Beaver Plaque 

The class mates that came - about 20 of the 88 he graduated with.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Family of Four

Here are a few more pictures of our cute 
Family of Four

Josh is so happy to be a big brother - 
he is such a cutie!

Little Lexy - 
She is so darling!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Brother

Josh -
He is such a big brother -
and such a big big boy!

He is such a helper.
He loves to kiss on Lexy -
mostly on her lips...

He has started really potty training
and he is doing a GREAT job!

He is already super protective of Lexy.
When she cries, he is so concerned.

He has awesome conversations with her -
Just now he said...
"hi. you are cute. how you doin? You takin a little nap?"
then kiss . kiss .

I love watching Josh develop into the older brother role -
He is doing so well.

I am very proud of him.

Love you Joshy!

Family Pictures

We had family pictures done Friday night - here are just a few of them
 - I have yet to see them all :)

Josh loved having his picture taken!
He kept saying 'cheese'
and then asking to 'see it!'

He loved kissing on Lexy - and smothering her!


We are loving being a family of 4 :)