Sunday, July 29, 2012

Nick's 15 Year Reunion

Nick's 15 year class reunion was last weekend.  

Because he went to BEAVER High School - - 
They decided to play a game called....

Battle of the Beavers 

They divided into two teams - girls against boys - and had various challenges.
 The winning team got to pick 2 people to plan the next reunion.  .  . 
Lucky for Nick - he got picked - 
So he is planning a 20 year cruise! :)
Sounds like my kind of reunion!!

Nick, and his 'bestie' Mekeisia were voted MVP's of their teams 
- my goodness we had a good laugh!

Nick with his Battle of the Beaver Plaque 

The class mates that came - about 20 of the 88 he graduated with.

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