Monday, November 30, 2009


First of all we want to thank all of our friends and family for their support! We have been overwhelmed with love and kindness! Enough of the sappy stuff...lets get to the winners! As promised we chose 4 winners and we have AWESOME prizes!!

The results are in....

In a totally random drawing....

The winners are....

Drum Roll....

1. Tagg and Heather McDonald - $25 Visa Gift Card

2. Brian and Amber Blair - $25 to Westates Theatres

3. Jared and Brandi Wilcox - $25 to Pizza Factory

4. Rhett and Julie Housely - $25 to Red Robin

Winners please contact us - so we can get you your super duper cool prizes!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Adoption Drawing

Well, we have decided to wait until the end of the month for our prize drawing!! We are anticipating some great prizes, and of course more than one!!
So... if you want a chance at an awesome prize... and you want to help us out on our adoption journey - - put our button on your blog! It's easy!
Utah Adoption

Copy the code in the above box. Go to 'Layout' on your blog dashboard, click 'New Gadget' and select a new HTML - paste the above code in the pop up box - and there ya have it! Our super cute button on your blog!

Thanks everyone! Also - we will be having a special fast next Sunday, the 22nd, if anyone is interested in participating with us. We ♥ and appreciate all of the support we have received so far on this journey! Thank you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Adoption Button

As you all know we are trying to adopt! We were approved through LDS Family Services in June of this year! Our case worker has advised us that the majority of adoptions come from friends or family members that know someone!

Our talented friend Natasha developed this button for our blog -

Utah Adoption

Copy the entire code in the above box, add an html gadget to your blog - and copy the code there! Then you'll have a cute new button on your blog!

In an effort to 'get our names out there' we will hold a drawing for everyone who puts our button on their blog!

Just post our button or the link to our adoption blog : - and post a comment to us that you did this - and you'll be entered in our drawing...for FABULOUS prizes!!

We appreciate all of the support we have received from our friends and family members thus far! We love you all! Thanks!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween started for us by going to Thriller on the 23rd with Paige's family! We had a great time!

We actually spent the weekend of Halloween in Las Vegas at a friends wedding!

On Halloween day we visited the fire-station where our brother - in - law, Kevin, works. We got some pretty cute pictures of all our nieces and nephews on the fire-truck!
Halloween night we went to the PBR (professional bull riding rodeo) in Vegas with Nick's Family. It was Nick's Dads 60th Birthday!!

This is one of the riders! We had a pretty good view of the shoot and the riders!

Nick's Brother Gus and his wife Adrienne at the Rodeo!
Us at the Rodeo!
We hope that everyone is enjoying the fall season!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rest of our Summer

We haven't posted in FOREVER!! We'll try to sum up the rest of our summer!

In August we took our niece, Tylee, to San Francisco for her birthday to see the Broadway play Wicked! Nick's sister, Cynthia, came as well. We had a BLAST!! It was Tylee's first time on a plane, and the flight attendant made a big deal about that! She was so embarrassed!

This is us at the Painted Ladies - houses at the first of 'Full-House'

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, it is such a fun little town! There were lots of sail boats out -
This is Nick being silly in Sausalito
Of course no trip to San Francisco is complete without a cable car ride!
This is us at Wicked! We ♥ Wicked! We saw it for the first time when we were in London last year. It was amazing! Nick got to see it a second time while he was on a business trip in Chicago.
We don't have any pictures - but probably the BEST thing about our trip to San Fran was when Nick JUMPED the rental car! The streets are so steep - and of course - Nick took advantage of the hills! We had a GREAT time doing this!

Our niece Shakell was able to show a lamb at the stock show in Cedar this year. She did a great job, and we were all sad to see 'Bones' leave.
This is our niece Aryale, poor girl had been to the dentist before the stock show, and had some teeth pulled.
The Dixie Rodeo Roundup was in the middle of September. We went with Blair and Vanessa on Saturday night! Nick got all dressed up for the occasion in his white wranglers, boots, and a shirt that said, "I Just Cut a Big One!" Besides some rain, we had a blast!


Of course fall is not complete without the deer hunt! We spent last weekend hunting with Nick's family in Minersville! We had a blast! It is so fun to hang out with family and drive around the hills!

Don't you think he is the cutest hunter ever?!! Someone needs a haircut!
Silly girls!! Shakell and Aryale hanging in the truck with Paige!

Who knew you could look so cute on the deer hunt!!
What?!! Hiking? Not on the Marshall family hunt! Shakell and Nick
The other fearless hunters! Devin, Ashely, Grandma Marlene, and Gus Oh Nick... He couldn't find his sunglassess! Doesn't he look so cute in Paige's!
The hunt is not complete without target practice!
Just so everyone knows...Paige was LOTS better than Nick at target practice!
Shakell shooting with Nick
Shakell shooting with her dad, Gus
Aryale shooting with her dad, Gus
Alyssa shooting with her dad, Gus

We had a great time on the hunt! We are looking forward to all the fun things we have coming up this fall and winter! Hopefully we'll be better at blogging about it all!

We hope you are all doing well!

Remember next month is national adoption month!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Catch Up

Wow- It has been forever since we posted - We've had lots of summer fun! Not much is new with us. Paige started a new job at the hospital - in the Quality Department. She works with policies and surveys in the hospital.

We are playing the waiting game with adoption. We are approved and just waiting to be chosen. All is well with us, and we hope that you are all enjoying your summer!

Lake Powell

In June - for my birthday - we went to Lake Powell with our friends Blair and Vanessa. Besides the dive of a motel - we had a BLAST!

~ Nick Driving the boat! SCARY!! Hold on tight!

~ Paige on the tube!

~ Nick on the Tube!

~ Hanging out on the boat!

~ Nick and Paige on the tube together!! What an experience!


4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in Minersville with Nick's family. His Mom's sisters came - it is always a blast when we are together! Lots of family from up north, and Milford. His aunt and cousin's family came from Texas, and his cousin from Colorado made it as well! We were so excited to see everyone! It has been a few years since we've been together!

Of course the morning started out with the traditional bombs - and then a parade down main street - our nieces Tylee and Shakell and our nephews Kaden and Gus were in the Parade. After the Parade we went to the Minersville Program - which is an hour program about the history of the town. This year Nick's little sister Ashley and her husband Devin danced in the program - it was hilarious! They did a great job!

~ Far Left: Ashley and Devin - doin' their dance! Such good sports!

Of course no Minersville celebration is complete without a BBQ, 4-wheeler rides, lots of visiting, and fireworks. We had a great 4th of July - and it was so fun to spend it with some of Nick's extended family.

Paige's Family Vacation

We headed home Saturday night following the fireworks in Minersville - so that we could attend the blessing of Troy and Andrea's little addition - Camrie. It was a great blessing! Following the blessing we headed up to Salt Lake to spend some time with Paige's family.

Monday we spent the entire day at Lagoon! It was so fun to see Mike (Paige's Brother) and his wife Summer! We haven't seen them in forever! We rode so many fun rides - and just hung-out in the sun!

~ Mr. Sexy Nick at Lagoon

~ All of us waiting in line to ride Wicked! It was lots of fun! Aubrey, Garrett, Paige, Aubree, Todd, Mom, Mike, Summer, and Nick!

~ Rattlesnake Rapids: Aubree, Todd, Mom
~ Rattlesnake Rapids: Nick, Paige, Aubrey

~ Rattlesnake Rapids: Summer, Mike, Garrett

* All 9 of us went in one raft! We got soaked! Such a blast!!!

~ Riding Wicked! Back Row: unknown girl, Mom, Aubree, Todd

Front Row: ghost, Nick, Paige, Garrett

~ Riding CliffHanger at Lagoon - Nick, Summer, Paige, Mike - we were SOAKED!

Paige LOVES old time pictures! So she suggested that we get one while we were all together - at Lagoon! It was super fun to dress up - and act silly - wait - act silly? We didn't have to act....It was a blast!

~ Back Row: Garrett (Paige's Youngest Brother) Todd (Paige's Mom's Man) Mike (Paige's Younger Brother) Nick
~ Front Row: Aubree (Todd's Daughter) Luey (Paige's Mommy) Summer (Sister-in-Law) Paige, Aubrey (Paige's Younger Sister)

Monday night we drove to Park City - and stayed in a time share up there - it was super nice! Tuesday we headed to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house - it was so pretty -and a fun experience. The rest of the day we just hung out at the time share.

~ Temple Open House - Garrett, Aubrey, Nick, Paige, Summer, Mike

Wednesday we headed home - but no trip is complete without a stop at Cheesecake Factory - Paige's favorite! It was so sad to be done with our little vacation! We miss Mike and Summer so much!! - We can't wait to see them again!

We also stopped on the way home to see Paige's best friend Julie - and her new house! It was so fun to hang with Julie for a couple of hours - she cracks us right up! Her new house is so cute -and her little boy Boston - is so cute -even though he hates us!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Great News!

We just got a phone call from our Social Worker at
LDS Family Services - and we have finally
been approved for adoption!
This is super exciting! We have been working on
this for almost 5 months!
And - we have gone crazy!
But now we are ready to find our baby!!
We'll post more about this soon -
when our official LDS site is up!
Spread the word! We are looking for our baby!

Friday, June 5, 2009

4th Anniversary Trip

Well - It has been a long time since we posted!
First of all we celebrated our 4th Anniversary on the 27th of May! It is so crazy to us that we have been married for 4 year!
I am so lucky to have Nick as my husband! He is so patient with me! My love for him grows every day - and I still get butterflies when I think about how much I love him!

For our anniversary trip we went to visit our friends Tyler and Camille in Louisville! We had a blast!! For the first few days of our trip they were out here in Utah visiting family - so we just explored on our own!

We flew out on Friday morning - and once we landed we headed right for Cincinnati to have dinner with Paige's cousin Ben and his wife Melissa! We miss them so much! It is a darn good thing that Nick reminded Paige that we were near Ohio - and that we could visit with them! Paige is a total ditz when it comes to geography!!

Saturday afternoon we headed down to Nashville! We toured the Grand Ole' Opery! It was super cool! We got to see the singers mail boxes, their dressing rooms, and even stand on stage!

Saturday night we went to the Nashville Temple - it is so tiny!

On Sunday we just drove around and explored Nashville - We love to drive by and look at nice homes - don't worry that these homes gave us a new description of MANSIONS! Their homes are ginormous!!

On our way home, we stopped and visited the Louisville Temple -

On Sunday Night we picked up Ty and Camille from the airport! It was so good to see them! Their son Kayden is so big! He was so much fun - just constantly jabbering and walking around! He is super cute!!

Monday (Memorial Day) we went to ChurchHill Downs - There were actually races! So we got ourselves a seat near the finish line - and watched a couple races! It was so cool! Nick really enjoyed it - his family has always been into horse races - they even had a couple race horses when he was growing up!

The Trumpets Starting the Race:

Us! Aren't we Super Cute?!

Getting the Horses Ready for the Race:

Us at the Finish Line!

For lunch we went to the cutest little diner! Paige wants to open a place like it here! It had mismatched tables and chairs from the 50's - 60's. Cool lamps on the tables, crazy decor every where you looked! It was a lot of fun! In the parking lot - they had some photo opportunities - - -

Tyler, Camille, Paige, Nick~

So cute!

On Tuesday we went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and Bat Factory! We watched them make bats - and some for professional players! It was cool!

Paige at the Slugger Museum

Nick at the Slugger Museum

Tuesday night we went to the Falls of the Ohio - much like Niagara Falls. Well - the falls were nice - but - we think Niagara wins!

Nick walking with Kayden at the Falls - Super Cute!

We flew out Wednesday morning! We had a great trip - and we were very sad to come home! We always have a blast with Ty and Camille! We are so happy that they let us come stay with them!!