Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween started for us by going to Thriller on the 23rd with Paige's family! We had a great time!

We actually spent the weekend of Halloween in Las Vegas at a friends wedding!

On Halloween day we visited the fire-station where our brother - in - law, Kevin, works. We got some pretty cute pictures of all our nieces and nephews on the fire-truck!
Halloween night we went to the PBR (professional bull riding rodeo) in Vegas with Nick's Family. It was Nick's Dads 60th Birthday!!

This is one of the riders! We had a pretty good view of the shoot and the riders!

Nick's Brother Gus and his wife Adrienne at the Rodeo!
Us at the Rodeo!
We hope that everyone is enjoying the fall season!!


Mike and Katie said...

love the fire truck photo

heidi said...

fun fun fun.
we went to thriller also, loved it. it was our first time.
happy 60th to nicks dad!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the rodeo. Sorry we weren't able to see Thriller as well. We'll have to have to play with Lydia some other time instead :)

Julie said...

HEY! I thought you knew you were not allowed to have so much fun without me???!!!

Kiley said...

Hey Paige! The PBR is the best! I'm sad we missed ya, that would've been fun to run into you guys!