Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rest of our Summer

We haven't posted in FOREVER!! We'll try to sum up the rest of our summer!

In August we took our niece, Tylee, to San Francisco for her birthday to see the Broadway play Wicked! Nick's sister, Cynthia, came as well. We had a BLAST!! It was Tylee's first time on a plane, and the flight attendant made a big deal about that! She was so embarrassed!

This is us at the Painted Ladies - houses at the first of 'Full-House'

We drove across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito, it is such a fun little town! There were lots of sail boats out -
This is Nick being silly in Sausalito
Of course no trip to San Francisco is complete without a cable car ride!
This is us at Wicked! We ♥ Wicked! We saw it for the first time when we were in London last year. It was amazing! Nick got to see it a second time while he was on a business trip in Chicago.
We don't have any pictures - but probably the BEST thing about our trip to San Fran was when Nick JUMPED the rental car! The streets are so steep - and of course - Nick took advantage of the hills! We had a GREAT time doing this!

Our niece Shakell was able to show a lamb at the stock show in Cedar this year. She did a great job, and we were all sad to see 'Bones' leave.
This is our niece Aryale, poor girl had been to the dentist before the stock show, and had some teeth pulled.
The Dixie Rodeo Roundup was in the middle of September. We went with Blair and Vanessa on Saturday night! Nick got all dressed up for the occasion in his white wranglers, boots, and a shirt that said, "I Just Cut a Big One!" Besides some rain, we had a blast!


Of course fall is not complete without the deer hunt! We spent last weekend hunting with Nick's family in Minersville! We had a blast! It is so fun to hang out with family and drive around the hills!

Don't you think he is the cutest hunter ever?!! Someone needs a haircut!
Silly girls!! Shakell and Aryale hanging in the truck with Paige!

Who knew you could look so cute on the deer hunt!!
What?!! Hiking? Not on the Marshall family hunt! Shakell and Nick
The other fearless hunters! Devin, Ashely, Grandma Marlene, and Gus Oh Nick... He couldn't find his sunglassess! Doesn't he look so cute in Paige's!
The hunt is not complete without target practice!
Just so everyone knows...Paige was LOTS better than Nick at target practice!
Shakell shooting with Nick
Shakell shooting with her dad, Gus
Aryale shooting with her dad, Gus
Alyssa shooting with her dad, Gus

We had a great time on the hunt! We are looking forward to all the fun things we have coming up this fall and winter! Hopefully we'll be better at blogging about it all!

We hope you are all doing well!

Remember next month is national adoption month!


Jana and Christopher said...

I'm so glad that you're still alive down south! And, happy to hear you are doing well. I would love to see Wicked with you sometime, so let me know next time you plan to go...or my birthdays in January!! It'd be fun to have another vacation together.

Mike and Katie said...

looks like you guys are having a blast!

Adam and Mary Jo Ford said...

holy cow!!! Sounds like tons of fun! I want to be your was wicked??

Anonymous said...

I know you are looking into adoption and I don't know what your situation is but this blog has adoption situations posted on it if you want to check it out. All of the kids will be born in utah