Thursday, September 8, 2011



We did lots of fun things on our vacation to Hawaii.

Here are some of our pictures.

Waiting for the airplane...

Enjoying some Coconut Milk


The beach.

The Temple
Silly Boys.

All of us at the Temple

Silly Kaden - at the PCC - trying to be a hula 'girl'

Josh, wanting to hula too.

Now Daddy!

Our Hut

Gone Fishin'

Enjoying the Luau

So Handsome

For Cute.

We visited Pearl Harbor.

On the Memorial

We went to church.

And of course, the beach

We played in the sand...

and buried Josh!

We had a BLAST on our getaway!

Josh did great on the plane, and adjusted well to the time change.

He loved the beach, the sand, and lots of fun!

Kaden, our nephew was great to travel with - and was such a help entertaining Josh!