Thursday, September 25, 2008


TAG #3
The rules: No cleaning! We want to see how you really live!
Here we go!

1. Closet

Paige's Closet

Nick's Closet

2. Sink

Our bathroom sinks!

3. Toilet

Our bathroom toilet!

4. Laundry room

5. Kids/Pets

If we had pets they would live in their fabulous 100 gallon salt water tank - but we have successfully killed all of our fish - However, we do have crabs! :)

6. Fridge and Freezer

We have a way cool fridge - with a freezer on the bottom!

7. Favorite Room

Paige loves our bedroom! She loves our big bed!

Nick LOVES our bathtub - He would live in there - if Paige would let him!

8. Favorite Shoes

Paige is obsessed with her black flip flops!
Nick loves to wear these shoes - with everything!
Sometimes - it drives Paige crazy!

9. Self portrait

We consider ourselves professional self portrait takers - on our travels we have developed this skill - strongly - This picture was taken by Nick at the base of the Eiffel Tower - not in Vegas - In Paris! February of 2008

10. Places you want to visit.

Paige's Mom's family comes from Scotland - the Forsyth's-

We would love to spend time in Scotland and Ireland!

Australia also sounds nice!
Basically - we would be happy anywhere - we love to travel!

We tag: Julie, Andrea, Heather, Aubrey, Chelsea,
and anyone else who feels the need for a tag!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Over the weekend, we went on a mini-Vacation to Midway - with our neighbors Troy, Andrea and their two boys Braxton and Tanner.

On Friday we went to the Homestead to swim in the Crater - it was a blast! The water was 90 degrees, and 65 feet deep. The Crater circulates its water every 3 days - It was very relaxing - Nick keeps trying to tell me that it was my spa treatment for the month - forget it Nick! Our video camera is currently holding our pictures hostage - so here are some views off line -

We also rode on the Heber Creeper! Braxton is obsessed with trains! The ride was beautiful! We were able to sit in an open-air car! The weather was perfect! It was so fun to see all of the changing colors!

On Saturday we drove to Park City to ride the Alpine Slide - unfortunately for us - they closed the slide down because of rain and lightning. We were a little upset - because there had been a slight drizzle, and no lightning - Despite our multiple phone calls, from different cell phones and callers - imploring them to open the slide - they would not. Braxton even suggested they make a cover for the slide to keep it from getting wet!

We headed down the canyon, and decided to settle for bowling. It was Braxton's first time bowling - however, he is quite the expert on the Wii - and he currently holds the record on our Wii at 192!

We stopped for some Cheesecake Factory - our all time favorite!! Paige's brother Mike and his wife Summer came to join us!
As usual - the food was DIVINE!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My friend from high school just started a blog for her jewelry - you've got to check it out! She is so talented!! I love her jewelry! and It is so affordable! Check her out at:

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Stock Show


Today was Paige's first experience at a livestock show. She got to see a pig and a lamb for the first time - and - BRACE YOURSELVES - she tried a LAMB-BURGER - right as she bit into it - a lamb went baaa - She nearly vomited! However, she was able to control her vomit urges - but- she burst into tears!

Despite the dust, screaming children, and enormous amounts of poop - we were very proud of our niece Shakell, and our nephew Kaden - for showing their lambs! They did a great job!

Shakell selling her lamb

Kaden is on the Right

We also got to see the Budweiser Clydesdales! They were GINORMOUS!! We got to see one get a pedicure - and new shoes!

Paige is already counting down the days until she can participate in another stock show!

Some of our nieces and nephews - Kobe, Gus, Aryale, Tylee