Thursday, September 25, 2008


TAG #3
The rules: No cleaning! We want to see how you really live!
Here we go!

1. Closet

Paige's Closet

Nick's Closet

2. Sink

Our bathroom sinks!

3. Toilet

Our bathroom toilet!

4. Laundry room

5. Kids/Pets

If we had pets they would live in their fabulous 100 gallon salt water tank - but we have successfully killed all of our fish - However, we do have crabs! :)

6. Fridge and Freezer

We have a way cool fridge - with a freezer on the bottom!

7. Favorite Room

Paige loves our bedroom! She loves our big bed!

Nick LOVES our bathtub - He would live in there - if Paige would let him!

8. Favorite Shoes

Paige is obsessed with her black flip flops!
Nick loves to wear these shoes - with everything!
Sometimes - it drives Paige crazy!

9. Self portrait

We consider ourselves professional self portrait takers - on our travels we have developed this skill - strongly - This picture was taken by Nick at the base of the Eiffel Tower - not in Vegas - In Paris! February of 2008

10. Places you want to visit.

Paige's Mom's family comes from Scotland - the Forsyth's-

We would love to spend time in Scotland and Ireland!

Australia also sounds nice!
Basically - we would be happy anywhere - we love to travel!

We tag: Julie, Andrea, Heather, Aubrey, Chelsea,
and anyone else who feels the need for a tag!


April Leydsman Mason said...

You guys crack me up. I love your bedroom. It looks so cozy. Oh and that bathtub. Grrrrr.....

heddomarie said...

PAIGE and NICK!!! How are you guys?!?!?! So glad I found your blog!

Sandy said...

I am so excited that Heather found your blog. Hey I would love to invite you to mine so send me your e-mail to:
I can't believe all that you have been up to. I hope this are going great for you.