Thursday, October 9, 2008


Fall brings us so many things - and we thought we'd update everyone on some of our favorite fall stuff!!

The wonderful world of DVR
We decided that with the new fall television season - DVR was an essential purchase. So we gave in and got dish! Wahoo! Basically DVR has been a real time saver - because we can fast forward through the commercials - and now we have the pleasure of viewing 3 of our favorite shows in a two hour window! Okay - so now we sound like we are seriously addicted - well... we try not to be. We are only really attached to a few shows - CSI, Law in Order, and The Office - is a must!! Nick is really the addicted one - because now our HDTV has a beautiful picture!

Get Aways!
Next weekend we will be in Minersville for the deer hunt. Oh what fun! - If you think Paige is being serious please refer to our blog about the stock show! :)

Nick - The Fearless Hunter! Deer Hunt 2007

At the end of the month we are headed to see our fabulous friends Craig and Sarah in Connecticut. We are excited to visit New York again, and see Boston! Plus New England in the Fall - need we say more? We can't wait!

And last but not least - Another trip with our great neighbors Troy and Andrea - we are so excited to go an another vacation with them! This will be our fourth vacation with them this year!! Earlier this year we went together to San Francisco for Nick's Birthday, Las Vegas in the Summer for Paige and Andrea's Birthdays, and Midway just last month! We are going to Disneyland and a UofU game in San Diego! We are so excited!

We hope you are all enjoying the fabulous fall weather! We sure are!


April Leydsman Mason said...

Stop it!!! You guys are making me so jealous with all of your travels. Live it up while you don't have any kids. Once they show up you can't really go anywhere.

heddomarie said...

Yeah you are making me jealous too! I agree live it up before you have kids. hehe. Aww how I miss the days of being able to record shows without commercials. Have fun on your trips! New England is BEAUTIFUL in the fall!

Julie said...

How fun!!! I have to admit I am really jealous that you are going to BOSTON!!!! you may just have to bring back your CUTEST nephew a little present! :) We are hoping to go at the end of next summer!! (crossing my fingers!)

The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

I HEART DVR totallY! Once you have it- you would rather have no tv than to not have it! LOL! hope you have fun on your adventures! Especially Deer hunting! ha ha! I'm totally with your on hunting & stock shows... just not my thing!

Yoneeley said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I am so excited to see it! I added you to mine :). You guys are so smart to enjoy your trips while you work on the kids thing. I wish I had done that more instead of feeling sorry for myself!

marcipants said...

Paige! Send me your email address, and I will add you. So glad to find your site!