Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Story of Lexy

Well long time no blog...sorry about that - but we have much to update, that we'll get around to .  .   . but our biggest news is LEXY GRACE MARSHALL   the cutest baby girl ever!

Meet Lexy

We've had so many ask about her story, so here is the scoop...

It all started about 2 weeks ago, when Paige contacted an agency regarding another baby.  That baby wasn't the one for us - but we told the agency we were still interested in other opportunities - especially little baby girls.  The next day we were emailed a profile for a gal named Lanetta. Lanetta had recently arrived to Utah, and had found out that day she was having a baby girl, her due date was August 20.  We were interested in Lanetta.  She had specific requests in a family, which we met, and we asked the agency to show her our profile. Last Thursday, the 5th of July, the agency texted Paige and asked her if we could have a phone conference on Monday - lucky for us we were headed to SLC to see Paige's brother and his family - and their new home - - - which is super cute by the way - - - anyways - so we asked if she wanted to meet in person for lunch.  She agreed! Lunch plans were made for Saturday.  

Saturday we arrived, with Josh, at a Chinese restaurant - Lanetta's pick. Soon after we arrived, a van pulled in with a social worker, his wife who also works at the agency, and cute, pregnant, Lanetta.  Our first impressions of Lanetta - she was beautiful, and tall - 6'1'' to be exact. We then learned that Lanetta liked to go by her middle name, Michelle.  We enjoyed the meal and conversation.  Michelle asked us why we wanted to adopt, what our family and friends thought of a bi-racial family, and our relationships with our families.  Michelle knew our profile forward and backwards.  During our conversation she would stop us and ask - now is that the Grandma with the pool (meaning Paige's mom) or is that the Grandma with the park (meaning Nick's mom).  She was very knowledgeable about our family.  We parted ways - with a good ole' fashion handshake :) and headed our separate ways.

Monday Paige texted the agency to see if there was any news - - Michelle was still trying to pick a family.  BUT we learned something VERY important that day - Michelle wasn't due on August 20th as the paperwork stated, but she was due JULY 20th! and she was being induced on the 14th!!  That very Saturday!!   On Tuesday Michelle still hadn't decided.  But Wednesday afternoon we got a call that we had been picked to be the adoptive family!!  What amazing news!

Friday night we loaded up and headed up north.  Saturday was the day - because of so many naturally delivering mom's - Michelle's induction was set for 1100.  At 1115 water was broken, and pitocin was started. Michelle elected to go natural - wonder woman!  Michelle had asked that we not be in the delivery room - or at the hospital until the baby was born. We spent the day with Paige's brother and his family - trying to decide on a name, biting our nails, and being all around anxious.  (well mostly Paige was anxious so Nick took her to IKEA to shop! Smart boy!)

At 745 we got a text that delivery would be in the next hour...and then the text from our social worker - born at 8009, 6 pounds 4 ounces, 19.5 inches long, healthy baby girl.

The next few texts were the following pictures....

Then a text that said come now, Michelle is headed into surgery for an emergency procedure. We headed on down to the hospital - about a 45 minute drive.  It turned out that the Placenta had gotten stuck, and an emergency surgery was needed to remove it.  Words will not describe the fear and concern we had for Michelle.  Although we had only met one time, our love for her was overwhelming.  Prayers were instantly sent on her behalf - from family, friends, and us.

We arrived at the hospital.  Paige received a 'mommy-band' - which she wore so proudly - (this could have been the coolest moment ever, getting a security bracelet that allowed me in the nursery.  I felt so honored to be able to be a mom.  I actually was very very sad when they cut off my bracelet when we were discharged!)  Baby Girl was in the nursery being assessed.  Paige was allowed to go in.

It was then that we learned that Lexy had had a bumpy start.  She had come out blue.  Because Michelle had gone natural - they gave her some pain medication called fentanyl to help with the pain.  She received about 5 doses.  This medication spread to Lexy and caused her to stop breathing.  A medication called narcan, which reverses narcotics was given, and Lexy responded quickly - she turned pink, started to breathe, and was great!

Next bump.... blood sugar was low.  The protocol had her getting her blood sugar checked every 30 min for a few hours.  Luckily she bounced right up - and only had about 6 pokes.

Paige was able to assist with Lexy's first bath.  Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take any pictures of the bath because she was not yet 'legally ours'  When she was all cleaned and ready - the nurse took us to a family room, and allowed us to spend time with Lexy.  Might we just say that the hospital was AMAZING to us.  They knew adoption lingo.  They knew how to treat birthmoms.  They knew how to treat adoptive couples.  It was great.  Best I've seen.

Back to Michelle - After a couple of blood transfusions, and a few hour recovery - Michelle was doing much better, and she asked to see Lexy.  We gave her kisses and sent her on her way.  

Now - I'm sure most of you have stopped reading but a few are still there - wondering - how do you sign over rights in Utah.  Well.  Utah is the best.  24 hours after birth.   No changing your mind.  We were set to sign Sunday night at 815.

We spent Sunday with family and friends.  Allowing Michelle to have time with Lexy.  

We arrived at the hospital around 7 - with dinner for Michelle from her request of Sonic! We spent some time with Lexy and then sent her to Michelle.  

At 820ish the notary arrived - and she first went to Michelle's room to have her sign.  We were not allowed to be with Michelle to support her.  She had to sign on her own.  and up until this point we hadn't seen her yet.  The notary arrived in our room about 835ish - saying she signed - now it's your turn - a few papers and signatures later, and Lexy was officially ours.  

We left the hospital that night with our hearts overflowing. We had just been part of a miracle.  

We arrived Monday morning about 645.  We spent a few hours with Lexy - and then Michelle requested to see her - and us.  We gathered up her gifts, and headed into her room.  We were so excited to see her. After all - she is now family.  We spent about 15 minutes with her, talking about Lexy - and explaining our gifts, and expressing appreciation.  We separated with a hug - and tears.  

We met with the pediatrician, who gave the green light for discharge to Lexy.  

We headed to pick up our bags, and Josh from the amazing Craig and Sarah - who let our boy run crazy with their 2 year old!  :)

We arrived back at the hospital about 2 - Aunt Helen was there to see us and meet Lexy.  We were signed out and on our way.

We stopped in Minersville to meet some of Nick's family.  They loved on Lexy.
We headed home and were greeted by Grandma and Grandpa Rawlinson, and Aunt Aubrey.

Josh is loving Lexy.  He says - 'sweet baby girl' - 'baby Lexy'

Last night was great.  Lexy slept for about 3.5 hours between each feeding. She is quiet. and so dang cute.

About her name....
Lexy Grace.

We loved the name Lexy - and her birthmom named her Gracie - so we kept Grace as her middle name for Michelle.

About Michelle ...
She is 33. From North Carolina.  Has 3 kids at home.  13 year old girl.  4 and 2 year old boys. She loves to read.  She hates drama. She likes to travel.  She is fantastic! :)

We think that is enough for now...we have plenty more to share  - know that we are open to health visitors - and we so appreciate all of your love, support, and concern for us through this time! :)  It is such a miracle that Lexy is here with us!


Tasha said...

Nick, Paige, and Josh. What a wonderful story. I am SO happy for your family. She is a very lucky girl.HUGS - Dawna

Lori said...

So so happy for all of you! Thank you for sharing the story. What a special experience and so definitely meant to be. We love you guys! Keep lovin' on those sweet kids :)
Love--Lori, Rich, and kids

leslie jo said...

I guess another reason I love Utah :)
Congratulations she is sooo beautiful. What kind of things do you need for her?

Telsha Winger & fam said...

So sweet. Amazing story! She is beautiful!!

Camille said...

Oh my goodness! What a whirlwind couple of weeks for you! I am so happy for you all!!! Congrats!!! We love you!

The Nielsons said...


P. Andersen said...

Cried through the whole story!! Beautiful and miraculous. So beyond thrilled for this precious outcome. Love to all four of you.

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

I'm so glad the signing went so smoothly! And glad Michelle is doing well now.
Congratulations to the Marshall family!!! You'll have to give us tips on how to be parents of two :)

Jessica said...

This is so AMAZING! I am so happy for you guys, and that you got to experience being a "mom in the nursery". She is SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL! congrats! congrats! congrats!

Jessica said...

I had to come back and post again because LEXY is so dang beautiful and that first picture is so sweet and adorable.

Julie said...

Love your story! Michelle sounds like an amazing lady and lexy is beautiful! So happy you get to be her parents she is one lucky lady!

Jana said...

Wow! So, so exciting! Congratulations and I'm so happy for you! Can't wait to hear more and see more pictures!

val said...

Oh, man, I just love you all! I have nothing to say but how amazing and awesome and happy I am for you all! Big hugs to you, and to Michelle, who is now family! I love how you said that!! CONGRATS!

Motel Davis said...

Holy cow. I'm bawling. I'm so happy for you guys-and I'm so glad she's all yours. My parents had to wait a year for my adoption to be finalized and it killed them. I told her about what just happened to you and she cried. Thank goodness for the laws in Utah!! I'm so happy for you guys-I just can't imagine getting a phone call to just come pick up your baby with a such short notice! You're both incredible!

heidi said...

she is so beautiful and looks and sounds like she fits so perfect into your family.
you look so happy!
love you guys to peices!

Dana said...

Through the tears let me say CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing story, you must be walking on clouds. Josh is cute as ever, Lexy is beautiful and you two look like you'd pop if someone poked you. Our prays will continue to be with you.
Love you both,
Roy and Dana