Tuesday, July 20, 2010

4th of July and Catch up!

It is about time we updated!!
We moved Josh out of his Bumbo to eat -
and into his high chair.
He loves it!
He loves sitting up at the table
with us when we eat -
He has started to eat baby puffs on his own - it is adorable!
he wishes he could have more yummy food
but he has to grow some teeth first!!

Mom, Put that camera away!

Last night, 7/19/20, Nick was playing with Josh -
Josh loves to babble!

This is the Dad, that scared me face!

We love Josh's laugh - he is pretty stingy on who he will smile at, let alone laugh at - but we love that he is all smiles and giggles for us!

This is the Dad, you are too funny face!

We had corn for dinner last week, Josh was so interested in what we were eating - we had to let him lick up Nick's buttery, salty cob!
Josh loved it!


Look at that cute face!

We were in Minersville for the 4th of July celebration - on Saturday the 3rd. Josh loved the parade, the park, and he met so many new friends!

Mom and Josh at the park

Josh was ALL kisses on the 4th of July
we caught a few pictures of it
but he would just grab faces,
and kiss and kiss and kiss.
He sure loves all of his cousins!

Giving Kisses to Alyssa

Kissing Aunt Adrienne

Sparklers with Mommy -
he loved the fireworks

Sitting in a big boy chair, watching the fireworks

Fireworks with Daddy

We've had such a fun summer so far - we just need to be better at posting! Josh is loving the pool at Grandma Luey's house! He loves to blow bubbles in the water! It is adorable! Hope you all are enjoying your summer!


Mike and Katie said...

paige and nick we are so happy that we got to see you and your little boy...he really is darling and love reading up on you on your blog...can't wait to see you guys soon

heidi said...

so. fun.
loved the video of josh.
i never get sick of seeing and hearing about how cute your little family is!

Julie said...

did i hear a mmmmammma in the video? so sweet!! :) He is such a cute lil man - when are you going to come visit? it's probably my turn now lol! oh and p.s. is there really a toy on your floor? come on seriously paige?!! hahahahahahahahahaha!!! jjjjjjjkkkkkkkkk

Julie said...

p.s. love the new pic and blog background...I miss you! I need a real friend!