Friday, August 20, 2010

10 Months!

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Josh is 10 months old today!
He has been apart of our family for almost 5 months!
Time sure flies!
Josh is doing so many fun things:
* stairs. he loves stairs
* plays the piano. he loves music.
* giggles when mommy plays the piano and makes actual music
* must eat table food with mommy and daddy
* loves water. tub. shower. pool
* has discovered the cupboards in the kitchen
* loves to play peek-a-boo
* Sunday morning he kept putting the blanket over mommy and pulling it down
* last night he pulled the blanket over himself, and slowly lowered it down
* he is stubborn. he gets his way.
* he has learned to pull himself up - to anything and everything
* he loves it outside
* at daycare he climbs UP the slide to go down
* he finally laughed for one of his teachers
* he laughs constantly for mommy and daddy
* but he is stingy when it comes to others
* he has to take EVERYTHING in when in a new environment
* it takes him at least 30 min to warm up
* he lays in his crib and will babble before going to sleep, and when he wakes up
* he sleeps 10 hours
* he pats you on the back when you hold him
* he is learning to give hugs
* he gives the best kisses
* he waves bye bye - but only to a select few
* he loves to babble in the car and make long noises (singing!)
* clapping - cutest. thing. ever.
* gets so excited to see mommy and daddy

Yesterday we had all kinds of fun with Josh!
We went to Pasta Factory where he enjoyed all kinds of new foods!
Olives, Croutons, Pasta, Breadsticks, and of course lemons.

He gobbled down a lemon. Seriously gobbled it!
He would grab it and shove it in his mouth.
So cute!

The post lemon face...but also eyeing the lemon, wanting more

Last night Auntie Aubrey came over to play.
Josh loves Aubrey!

Aubrey and Josh being silly!

Josh giving Aubrey loves.
He loves to grab her face/hair/earrings and just kiss and kiss.
So funny!

We had Sunday dinner last week at Paige's moms.
She loves being a granny -
She wanted to feed Josh dinner.

We love our Joshy and we can't believe he is 10 months!
Last night we cleaned out his closet - packed up all the small clothes.
Of course... Paige cried. She always cries.
It is so hard to see him grow right up - and so dang fast!
Why didn't anyone tell us it was lightning speed!
We are so lucky to have Josh - he makes life SO happy!
Of course - we are busy planning a huge first birthday party -
so stay tuned! :)


Julie said...

ummm hey Josh - you are so CUTE! did you forget to tell your mom that having a child speeds time up so fast that you cannot even account for it?! so crazy I know! p.s. can I have some of your lemon?

tylerandtia said...

Oh my goodness! He is so so cute! I know cleaning the closet is hard...ha ha I actually end up saying...where did this come from....he didnt even get to wear it! Hope you 3 are doing good!

jfishmag said...

Bailey discovered lemons about the same age. When the sour hit her she made the funniest faces!
Josh is such a sweet muffin...we are big fans around here! We love his "scrunchy" face.
Birthday time is just around the corner!

Schimmy said...

He is so dang cute! I am so happy for you guys. I wish we could slow down that time clock that just keeps ticking away. My baby is 13 months already, way too old. Wouldn't it be great if they could stay little forever.