Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Last Weekend and Labor Day

Hello Everyone! Warning! Picture overload -
but it's okay - because Josh is so dang cute!
First just some silly pictures of Josh,
then a picnic, partying with friends, and Labor Day weekend!

Josh and his sippy - want a drink?
Nope, never mind, it's mine!

Josh loves loves loves banana baby food -
but obviously he hates mushed up bananas!

Check out my top two teeth!

Get me outta here!

We had Blair and Vanessa over to hang out,
we started playing the Wii, and let our kids watch themselves
Aiden, (Blair and Vanessa's 2 year old boy)
Got into some formula for their baby
He actually dumped the ENTIRE NEW can out -
and was making a mountain -
Josh didn't mind -
he loved eating all of the yummy formula!

We went on a Sunday drive last week -
around Gunlock, Veyo, and Diamond Valley.
We stopped in Veyo for a picnic -
so fun to eat out of the back of our new SUV!

There were some goats next to our picnic,
Josh was checking them out!

We went to Nick's parents on Saturday of Labor Day weekend -
Josh loved seeing some of his cousins!
He discovered Grandma's rocking horse
and had a GREAT time!

We all (grandma, grandpa, Adrienne and kids)
went to Parowan, for the Iron County Fair -
Josh did NOT like the petting zoo.
The baby pig scared him to death!
Mean dad!

The big pot-belly pig was just lazy, he wasn't AS scared of it!

Of course - we did some rides -
Josh's first ride was the Ferris Wheel with Daddy
Josh liked it for about 2 seconds!
On the way up and across the top,
he would grab Nick's face and cover Nick's eyes!
Then on the way down he would relax.
We loved watching it from the ground!

Next ride -
Boats -
Gus and Alyssa having fun

Josh and Aryale -

Josh and Daddy
waiting to go on the merry-go-round

Josh didn't like the merry-go-round either!
He was so scared when the horse would go up and down.

Not quite sure...

Next, Shakell took Gus and Josh on the airplanes -
that ride took forever!
We think the carni-dude - forgot about the kids.

On Sunday - we hung out with Paige's family.
Matt (Todd's brother) and his family came down from Idaho!
They have the cutest girls - 5 to be exact!
We had fun eating dinner, and watching pirates!
On Monday, we went back over to Paige's mom's and went swimming.
So much fun with the cute little girls!
We taught them to play Marco Polo - it was a blast!
Sorry - no pictures of either day. dang it!
Troy and Andrea are in NYC! Lucky!
And Andrea's mommy is here watching the kids,
but it was her parents 48th anniversary Monday,
so we let Grandma have a night off - with her honey!
So we watched Tanner and Camrie -
Bath time was an adventure -
all three cute kids in the tub!

Paige put baby bubble bath in the tub,
Josh had a very fancy beard - until he tried to eat it!

We had a great weekend - and now - back to work.


Mike & Summer said...

I love it! How cute!

The Webb Family said...

Did you really post the Webb's are LAME?? shame, shame on you!!