Thursday, September 16, 2010


Josh took his first 2 steps last night! :)
So cute!
We don't have any pictures because it was so fast
- and he was sneaky!
Paige was at her mom's -
so grandma Luey, grandpa Todd, and aunt Aubrey got to see it -
unfortunately - Nick was at scouts - so he didn't see it!
No doubt - Josh will be RUNNING in no time!


Derek and Lisa Larson said...

So exciting! Hold onto your hats guys, it just gets crazier from here :)

jfishmag said...

Tell that little cutie to walk on over to my house...I have a hug waiting for him!

Julie said...

WHAT?! Joshy Pooh is walking?!! so FUN and so CRAZY! Can't wait to see him soon :)

The Martin's said...

What? Walking? He is too little, get ready for craziness :)

The Nielsons said...


Ms.Bakers Opinion! said...

He is growing so big,I had to cry some!!Not because of being sad just the fact that he's love so much and thats what I prayed for..You guys are great parents and you have wonderful people around you that shine nothing but love to you and your husband...I wish all families were that way..I love it!He's sooooo cute,like i knew he would be!