Friday, October 1, 2010


Where to Begin?!!

On Saturday September 11th - we went to the Iron County LiveStock show - to see our niece Shakell show off her Lamb.

Josh didn't mind getting a ride on her Lamb - He tried to eat her halter! :)

Petting the Lamb

Not so happy about petting the pigs!

Our sister-in-law, Adrienne, drew a once-in-a-lifetime-elk-tag. So of course we had to go hunting! We drove up last Friday afternoon - and by the time we got to Cedar, she called us and told us she had found her bull! We met them at their house and drove 'out-west' for over an hour - to help her get the bull off the mountain. It was big...and stinky!

He was up on a big mountain/rock ledge - we have no idea how 'uncle tubby' (Justin) got the four-wheeler up to him! But he did - we loaded him on - and the boys drove him down.

Adrienne with her BULL

for those of you non-hunters...
a bull is a BOY elk! :)
An Elk is like a deer - but REAL BIG!
I had to learn all these things when I joined the Marshall family! :)

On Saturday, we went out to where the family had been camping. We enjoyed dutch-oven potatoes and BBQ'ed hamburgers. Josh's favorite part was the marshmallow he stole from Grandma!

He knew he'd managed to get something he shouldn't eat -
but he loved gobbling it up and being all sticky!

Cute Nieces and Nephew

Joshy and his cousin Alyssa.
He is oh so spoiled!

On the drive home, we saw a WILD HORSE!! Nick tells all kinds of stories of how his family use to drive OFF of the road - and CHASE them! He smiled at me all mischievously - and we were off - through the brush - chasing the wild horse.
I must admit - I was nervous and my mind was racing about all the things that could go wrong! - this is one of our real vehicle's- what if we roll - - what if we hit a rock - - - on and on - - - but don't worry -

I soon forgot all my fears and had a blast laughing with Nick as we cruised over the brush to chase the horse.
We hit lots of bumps, bounced a lot, and I swear flew - but Josh managed to STAY ASLEEP! Must have been because his sugar high from the marshmallow was gone!

The best news is that on Tuesday the 28th, we were able to go before Judge Schumate and finalize our adoption of Josh. It was an amazing day - to realize that forever he is ours, our son, a Marshall.

We enjoyed being in Judge Shumate's court room - he instantly put us at ease with his humor!

While we were being 'sworn-in' Josh pulled apart the microphone - I could have crawled under the table -but the Judge enjoyed it and was laughing at our cute son.

Josh was so happy, as if he knew this was a special day for our family. He smiled and clapped for the Judge.

It was an amazing experience - that brings so much peace after such a long wait. The Judge only referred to us a couple of times as Mr and Mrs Marshall - the rest of the time - he called us Mom and Dad. It was so neat. It validated us. It finalized us. We are so ecstatic to be done - to have Josh as ours - Now - next step - the Temple for our sealing - coming up in ONE WEEK!!! Of course there will be a ginormous post on that special event!

Picture following Judge Schumates ruling that Josh is officially part of our family!

left to right -
Teresa (social worker), Grandma Luey, Dad, Mom,
Judge Schumate and Josh, and Greg (Lawyer)

Complete family - outside of the court house!

Mom and Josh after the Hearing!

After Court, we went to Denny's to celebrate!
(we know. lame. very lame. but it is a secret tradition with the Webb family!)

Josh loved sharing Mom's pancake and eggs!
Such a Happy Boy!

Another Update:

Josh turned 11 months on the 20th of September.

He does the cutest things now -

* Waves bye bye

* Blows Kisses

* Shakes his head no - especially at his baby food

* Loves to hide behind walls/furniture and scare mommy or daddy

* Jabbers NON stop

* Loves 'big-people' food

We love our Josh! Only a few more weeks until his is ONE!!!


The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

Congratulations!!!!!!!!! What a special day for your family. Josh is just the cutest little guy ever! You can just tell he is so loved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marmee said...

I didn't know you had a blog! Yeah! I love blogs!

(This is Anne I. BTW!)

Congrats again on the adoption completion! I remember those days so well! When are you temple bound?

Julie said...

you want to eat my baby and I want to eat yours! LOL! Josh Josh Josh - you and Capri will have good times I just know it!

totally love that you guys went and chased a wild horse in your vehicle- so funny!

Amber Blair said...

Congrats!! You are the cutest little family ever!! Josh is just so adorable!! Can't wait to come to the blessing next week!!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

What a great post! I love that Shumate treated you so well during the court case. I bet it's such a nice break for a judge who is typically dealing with the dregs of society (criminals and what not) to get to pass judgment on a case that is clearly such a happy thing :)

jfishmag said...

Congrats Marshall Family! We are huge Josh fans around here!(you guys aren't bad either) :)

Vicki said...

Very exciting news!