Thursday, October 21, 2010

Josh Turns ONE!!

We can't believe it!!! Josh turned ONE yesterday!
Time Flies!

I (Paige) took treats into Josh's daycare class. It was so fun to watch the kiddos have lunch - and play with each other - and of course devour cupcakes!

This is Josh pulling the 'scrunch-face'
All excited about having Mommy there to share lunch
and have a cupcake!

Josh's Teachers made him a Birthday Boy Crown
He didn't keep it on very long!
It became a fun game to take the crown off and on - and giggle!

Josh laughing - so hard - at one of his cute daycare buddies

Enjoying a Cupcake
- um . . . almost 2 cupcakes to be exact -
but they were cute, tasty, and little!

Josh is thinking...
'boy oh boy, why hasn't mommy let me eat this stuff yet?'

Here is a picture of Camrie
Our neighbor, who is also in Josh's class at daycare
She was loving her cupcake as well

When Nick got home from work, we opened the long awaited present from Jessica, Josh's Birth-Mom - we took a video so Jessica could enjoy it - He was pretty excited about a present - - Just watch! :)

Josh showing daddy how to play with his hat

Josh, loving his toy from Jessica, he didn't want to put it away, or let anyone else play with it.

Jessica also sent Josh some new clothes -
Check him out!

We just can't believe Josh is ONE!!!
It has gone so so so fast!
Things to remember about our Joshy at one
* Love to play 'I'm gonna get you' and tickle each other
* Walks all over! Getting really good
* But can crawl faster than walking
* Eating 'big boy' food
* Ate a cucumber last night, LOVED it
* Still loves loves loves water
* Says Dadda to mom and dad
* Always Jabbering
* Loves to see cousins, family, and friends
* Is liking most dogs
* Loves to be 'chased'
* Hates having his face cleaned
* Screams...loud
* Flirts
* Waves Bye Bye
* Waves Hello
* Blows Kisses
* Signs for More
* Signs for Please
* Loves 'scary' things - Halloween decorations
* Loves singing songs, claps for mommy when she sings
* Sleeps well, but must be in the 'stink-bug' position
* Likes to look outside, and kiss the glass doors
* Likes the swing
* Not sure about grass - depends on the day
* Enjoys the car
* Rubs his head all the time - mostly if he has food in his hands
* Always wants to be the center of attention
* Likes 'Baby Einstein' movies
* Oh so much more!
We are so lucky to have Josh!
Happy Birthday Dude - We love you!

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Julie said...

you guys have had quite an amazing month - so happy!!