Monday, October 25, 2010

1 year dr appointment

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Josh had his ONE YEAR Doctor Appointment today.
He was tired.
It was nap time.
He was needing a snack.
He has 2 new teeth coming in.
Needless to say . . .
He wasn't super happy about being at the Doctor.
He was really upset when he realized he would be getting shots.
4 of them to be exact.
But he had his mommy and daddy to hold
and a bottle to comfort him.
He did good.
He just hated being held down the most.
Here are his stats:
Weight 19.5 Pounds - 7%
Height 30 Inches - 60%
Head 18 Inches - 53%
So he is tall and skinny -
of course we knew that!
We are excited to be done with formula!
and baby food!
Josh is such a good little eater!
It is so fun to watch him discover new foods, and how to feed himself!


jfishmag said...

Josh! I am glad his check-up went well...I am sure you will be glad not to buy formula anymore! Formula and baby food don't come cheap! We need to fatten that kid up...7%!

Ms.Bakers Opinion! said...

Thats great he is growing like cudzu,he cannot help it with all that love around him..Many may not beleive but helps you grow just as much as food does...Yeah Joshy!!!!