Thursday, October 14, 2010

Josh's Special Day

** Warning - - - super cute picture overload!! **
On Saturday the 9th we got to have Josh sealed to us!
Following the sealing, Nick was able to give Josh a name and a blessing -
It was the Best Day Ever!!
(For those of you not familiar with these terms -In our religion,
we believe that families can be together forever, in this life and the next)
Find out more here
Here is our little man in his handsome tux!

All the 'males'
All of these family members and a few close friends stood in the circle to bless Josh

Leaving the Temple, after being sealed

Such a BEAUTIFUL day!

Family and some friends that attended the Temple with us

Josh LOVES Grandpa Marshall's hat!
(Nick's Parents)

Nick's Family

Josh walking with his two cousins
Aryale and Alyssa

Grandma and Grandpa Marshall

Grandma and Grandpa Rawlinson

Paige's Family

Mom and Dad and Josh

These are Paige's 'girls' from high school!
We love love love getting together!
Left to Right: Julie, Teona, Paige, Niccole, Stephanie, Chelsea

Paige's UNCLE Matt - and his cute cute cute family!

Paige's Family

Josh LOVES Aunt Aubrey -
Always 'kissing' her
Josh and almost all of his cousins
just missing Kaden

A few days before the Temple,
we had a fabulous photographer take some pictures of our family
Josh and Mom and Dad

A forever family!

Happy Happy Josh and Daddy

Josh outside the Temple

Josh and Mommy


It was such a special day!
We had so many family members and friends support us!
We feel and felt so loved and special!
We could have never done this day without the help of awesome awesome friends and family-cooking food, setting up for lunch, and making sure we had everything we needed to enjoy and relax on our special day -
SHOUT OUT to --- Heidi, Jon, Jeny, Ashley, Devin, Suzanne, and Stephanie
It was also a special that day to think about Jessica.
- Jessica is Josh's Birth-Mom -
Without Jessica's choice, and sacrifice,
we would have never had this amazing experience.
We are so thankful for Jessica, and her decision to let us parent Josh.
We love her, and are so thankful for her.
Thanks again to everyone that made this day so special and memorable for us.
We love having our eternal family!


tylerandtia said...

Oh my goodness....Congrats! What an amazing day! He is so so cute! What a perfect family! We are honestly so so happy for you 3!

Marty and Louise said...

overload is right! love it!

Holly said...

Love the pictures. Thanks for letting us share that special day with you. Congrats!

The Martin's said...

Love all the pictures, it was truly a special day. We were so happy we could come.

Jill said...

happy day!


Jana and Christopher said...

I'm so happy for you! What a beautiful, eternal family you make. Wow, and Josh looks amazing in that tux!

The Holland Family said...

Such a cute boy. Pictures are darling. Sorry we couldn't make it. I guess the immediate family comes first. We had Tuckers baptism that day. Congratulations to all of you. Someday I'll get to see the little bugger.

The Nielsons said...

So Special!

CallisterCatch said...

Congratulations!!! What a special day. Josh looks so adorable in his white suit. Love It! Congrats again!

Devin and Ashley Johnson said...

WE just love that little guy! What a special event! So glad that Josh is in the family forever! Love all of the cute pictures!

syerke said...

That lil man in that Tux is to DIE for! We wished we could have been there for your special day. I did just cry looking through all the photos and thinking about what you must have felt that day. So special!

The Wright Family said... in the world have I missed all these updates?! He is such a handsome little man and I love your little family so much! 1 yr old and it just starts to fly! Enjoy everything! Love you!