Friday, August 13, 2010

First Camp Out!

We went camping on Beaver Mountain last weekend with Andrea and Troy. Every year, Andrea's family gets together at 'their' campground on the mountain - we have been lucky enough to be invited for the past 2 years to their family camp-out . . . and we love it! We look forward to it!

This was Josh's first time camping - it was cold, rainy, and wet, but he did great! We actually slept in Cynthia's (Nick's sister) trailer - about 25 minutes away from Andrea's family - so that we didn't have to put up, and clean up a tent - because we left pretty early Saturday - so that we could make it to Logandale, for Koby;s (our nephew) baptism.

It was so cold, so we let Josh sleep in the bed with us - none of us slept well - but it was sure fun to be camping! :)

This is Josh kissing Daddy on Friday night.
Josh had dutch oven potatoes for the first time - and he loved them!
Smiling with Daddy

Little Miss Camrie - such a cutie -
She was walking all over camp!

Do you think those 2 love eachother lots? I sure do!

It got cold, so we put a beanie on Josh,
that Paige's aunt made for him -
So funny!

Alright....enough with the beanie - take it off!

This is Saturday morning - breakfast anyone?

Tanner, Andrea and Troys son,
Celebrated his 3rd birthday on the mountain.
We had a construction party!
Don't you think Josh is SUPER cute in his consturction hat?!!
Tanner, the birthday boy -
He was suppose to be filling up a bucket with dirt,
using only a spoon,
but he wanted to pose for a picture instead!
We sure LOVE this little guy!

Josh again, get this hat off-a-me!
He hates hats!
Hey what is Camrie doing in Josh's Stroller?
She sure is cute!
Oh - Camrie is in the stroller,
because Claudia and Rob had Josh!
Look at him all wrapped up and toasty warm!

We had a BLAST camping! The Smith family is awesome! We love being in the mountains, and it is even better with great friends!

We also celebreated Troy's birthday while we were camping - we don't have any pictures on our camera, because we were manning the camera's for Andrea - she suprised Troy with a trip to NYC for the US Open (tennis) Troy was super suprised - and they are so excited! They'll be gone for a week! Without us! What are we going to do without them? More importantly - is it possible for them to enjoy a vacation without us? We hope so, but we'll see!


Julie said...

I choose to be offended that your first campout with Josh was not with me!! argh... i'm now i'm pirate! oh and tell troy and andrea that we are way put out that we didn't get invited to go to the US Open either. I mean it's not like we all don't hang out every day anyway you know? LOL...

Julie said...

mwhahahahaha thanks for the birthday wish today!!! hahaha i'm still laughing!