Friday, August 20, 2010

Bye Bye Sylvia

Oh Sylvia -
our beloved Camry Hybrid - is gone.
We got her for Paige, when she finished Nursing School.
We loved her.

But, we traded her in - for a car that could handle Josh.
Who knew about all of the baby stuff needed to travel,
and Sylvia (our car) had a very small trunk
due to her hybrid batteries.
Sad day. Very Sad Day.

Paige even cried driving her into work on the last morning. :(
Here are the goodbye pictures:

Josh's last drive to day-care in Sylvia

We bought ourselves an SUV!
8 Passengers
Remote Start
Voice Activated - seriously cool -
she changes radio stations, temp, and lots more -
all you do is tell her what to do! LOVE IT!

All sorts of fun bells and whistles.

We picked up our fancy new
Honda Pilot - Touring edition - on Wednesday.

Josh loves his new ride!
He loves to look out the windows,
and he loves singing along with mommy
to the XM radio! :)

Don't worry - we got her Wednesday -
and Paige drove her off the lot with 16 miles.
and on Friday at lunch - she hit 100 miles.
But most important....
she still smells new!

Can't wait to pick ya'll up and take you for a ride!


Julie said...

wow - that is a slick vehicle! I want it! you better be watching your back and your just never know who might come by for a visit. :) ah yes I remember now...Cynthia was the snake you used to play with in animal and Sylvia is your car! who shall have the privilege of naming this vehicle???

The Martin's said...

Love the new car, I'm jealous :). I can't believe Josh is that old it seems like yesterday...

jfishmag said...

See ya Sylvia...what is the pilots name going to be? I have a suggestion or two! I love the new wheels!

The Holland Family said...

What is the new cars name? LOL. Only Paige would name her cars. Josh is such a doll!!!

Mike and Katie said...

sweet ride

Stevenson Stories said...

Love the new addition.. we are thinking of a bigger car (SUV). You will have to tell us how much you love it after having it a while. :) Glad Josh loves it!