Monday, December 6, 2010

Thanksgiving, Meeting Santa, & Decorating the Tree

We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did!

We spent Thursday with Paige's family - the feast was delicious, and it was fun to just have a small group - but we sure missed Mike and Summer and Aubree.

After dinner, Paige's uncle and his family came over for pie and games. We had a violent game of spoons, that Paige won!! Then it was time for Rock-Band. We had a great day!

Sadie and Garrett on the Guitars
Frank on the Drums!
Mom, Aubrey, and Todd singing!

Nick watching.
Josh thinking he is cool with the Wii remote
Aunt Jenny singing along!

Jesse on the Drums
Tanya and Jenny singing

Josh found a picture of himself at Grandma's house,
and he got so so so so excited!
So darn cute!

Josh dancing to Rock-Band

We started 'Black-Friday Shopping' on Thursday at 11pm. We had a blast! Our sister in law, Adrienne, and her friend Gil came, and then Paige's friend Heidi. We had quite the list to get - but we got it all! :) It only took us until noon the next day! hahahaha - we were all up for over 30 hours! We can't wait for next year!

On Saturday we went to Minersville to celebrate the holiday with Nick's family.
We needed a new / updated family picture for our ward, so we had one of our nieces take our picture before dinner.

The Dickens Festival was going on here last week. They have the best Santa ever! He is the REAL deal! So we decided to take Josh to meet him. In line he kept waving at Santa, clapping, and blowing kisses. We were getting excited - hoping he would smile and giggle for Santa - which he doesn't do at all for 'strangers' but... we were wrong. He just gave Santa his stare, and sat there as stiff as a board. But at least he didn't freak-out - and in all honesty - that is our Joshy - shy in public, and just watches everything - taking it all in.

Do you like my pose?
Mom? Dad? Where did you go?

Why is he laughing at me?

What is on your head?

We love this one!
The Santa was SO worth the wait and the money!

Merry Christmas!

We finally got our tree up last night! Our house has been decorated since Thanksgiving, minus the tree. Josh loved the ornaments, and seeing his reflection in the big red balls!

Such a helper!

Josh like putting the ornaments on the tree!
And so far. . . he has left them there.
He just likes to get close and see his reflection in the balls!

Daddy putting up the Star

We are so excited for Christmas! The holidays are so much better with Josh! :) We just love him to pieces!


jfishmag said...

Sweet Josh looks SO CUTE with Santa! I love the one where they are looking at each other. I love that little man!!!!!

Julie said...

seriously best Santa ever!! I feel gyped big time - the santa's here just were a plain red suit and have ugly yellow/white hair - LAME! Josh is soo handsome! what a cutie pie!! oh ps LOVE your tree!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

So fun to see you back in the blogosphere :)
I'm glad Josh was OK with Santa. I have no doubt Lydia would have freaked. She is SO at that stage with pretty much everyone.

Michael and Bonnie said...

I LOVE the pictures of Josh with Santa. He is very cute.