Sunday, March 28, 2010


We had such a great time with the Thornocks!
They are such great friends!
We are so happy they made the journey down to see us
- it helped the time here in Georgia go a little faster.
This is a picture of Josh with his two new friends
- Morgan (8 months) and Kayden (2 yrs) -
We have been enjoying our day
all complete with a Sunday afternoon nap.
Josh has been sleepy today -
we must have worn him out yesterday with all of our travels!
Can't wait to see you everybody
- there has been some hold ups with the paperwork -
so cross your fingers that we'll be able to leave this week and be home for Easter!
Love ya'll!


Devin and Ashley Johnson said...

He is darling! Hope everything goes well with the paper work! He is a very cute baby!

Geoff & Niccole said...

We are waiting somewhat paitently or you guys to get back! We are so excited to meet Josh. Brooklyn wants to meet her new boyfriend!!

The Webb Family said...

We can't wait for you to get the heck out of Georgia and back to our quiet little street...Now about this boyfriend issue that Niccole brought does Josh feel about older women (ok so 5 months isn't that much older) that are a bit sassy, but give the best kisses?? Hey when can we video chat??