Monday, September 24, 2012

The Happiest Place on Earth...

Last week we headed down to Disneyland - the happiest place on Earth.
For weeks Josh had been talking about going to Mickey's House! 

We booked the trip in the Spring, before we knew about Baby Lexy - 
so she stayed behind with Paige's parents -- they were so awesome to watch her!  
And it was great to have some 1:1 time with Joshy

Here we are riding the 'city-bus' to the park.
This was by far - on of the favorite 'rides'
Silly Josh

First up - California Adventure - 
We saw Mickey right as we entered - 
Troy and Paige waited in the fast-pass line, 
while Nick and Andrea headed over to meet Mickey!

Later that day - we were able to meet Minnie - 
Just after she got off her plane

Toy Story Mania
Of Course!
Mr. Potato Head even talked to the handsome boy in the Yellow Shirt!
Yep- That'd be Josh!

Cars Land just opened up -- 
It was so cool!
and looked just like radiator springs!

Loved Mator's Tractor Ride!

We saw the real life Lightening McQueen!

And Mator!
If you tickle him under the right headlight - he giggles and giggles!

The Ferris Wheel

The Pixar Parade
If you can't tell by the pictures
Josh and Tanner were the best of buds!
Josh had to do everything with Tanner-Rooskie!

Bugs Life - Aren't we cute honorary bugs?!!

Meeting Goofy!

Day 2 - Disneyland!

The whole Gang - 
Aren't we cute?!!

The Castle! 
Josh thought it was from Tangled! 
He kept looking for Max, the horse!

Riding the horse!

Trying to pull the sword from the stone!

He did NOT want to get off the Dumbo ride!

Pole Dancing - while waiting for the bus!

He liked going up and down, up and down, up and down - all crazy like - 
Mom sure didn't like it!

Buzz Lightyear!!!

We loved the Buzz ride in Disneyland 

Riding Autotopia

Paige and Tanner - 
Tanner was a CRAZY driver!

Cutest picture of Andrea, Camrie, and Troy

The Cups! The Cups!
Josh loved the Cups!!

The Webb's Cup!

Riding It's A Small World

Hello Toon-Town!

We saw Minnie again!!

Waiting to go into Mickey's House

Mickey's Living Room

Meeting Mickey---again! 

Beep! Beep!

Riding the Gadget Coaster - 
Josh LOVED it!

He is so strong!

Jail! OH NO!

Being Silly in Toon Town

He called the police - 
He was just laughing and laughing at the phone!


Watch out- Josh is driving the firetruck! 

On Saturday night, after 3 fun filled days in the park - 
We headed north to the LA Temple and to the Promenade at Santa Monica

Handsome Boys
Cutest thing ever - Tanner was singing I love to see the Temple 
over and over again!

Eating Dinner on the curb in Santa Monica!

We hated to leave - but we were missing this little cutie!

So we rushed home to our smiling baby Lexy!


Derek and Lisa Larson said...

Such a fun trip!

heidi said...

so fun!
looks like you guys had a BLAST!
what a cute big boy joshy is...