Friday, September 7, 2012

Summer Happenings

Random Happenings and Labor Day

Josh loves loves loves to help us with Lexy 
He insisted on giving her a bath
He did a great job!

'Joshy do it'

A couple of weekends ago - our niece was in a horse show in Cedar - 
So off we went to watch!
She did a great job!
Josh is into horses right now - 
he runs around the house screaming
'Giddy-up Giddy-up!'

He was very excited for his turn to ride her horse, Convincer . 

Sad Day.
Aubrey, Paige's lil sister moved out. 
She'd lived with us the past 6 months
Josh absolutely adores her. 

She came to visit the other night
and of course she got lots of cuddles from Josh

Labor Day Weekend

Paige's immediate family got together for the long weekend!
Her brother Mike, his wife Summer, their baby Paidyn and the darn dog Mugs came to stay at our house.
Josh is obsessed with Mugs. 

He loves to try and ride the 10 year old english-bull doggy.

On Saturday we went to Sand-Hollow - a nearby lake
We are not lake people. 
We are not boat people.
But we borrowed a boat, rented some jet-skis 
and had a BLAST!

Josh and Nick - - Garrett in the background

Daddy and Joshy enjoying their first jet-ski ride

Hi Mom - lets go for a ride!!!

Josh also braved the tube!
He loved it!

Hi Mom!!

Enjoying the boat!

Another tube ride with Garrett!

The driver. Grandpa Todd.

Cute Aubrey soaking up the sun!

On Sunday we went 4-wheeling up Kolob Mountain.  

Josh and Paige went on a 2 hour 4-wheeler ride.
Her arms were sure tired trying to hold him on with her left arm, and drive with her right. 
But the day was perfect! 
So pretty.

the bad part...we blew a tire on the truck on the way home :(
guess we won't skip church again!


Julie said...

Oh my I love your family! Lexy is getting so big since I held her when she was just new! And Josh he is too dang cute! Miss yer gutso!

Danielle said...

So cute! ;)
I love Josh's crazy face with Aubrey! LOL
Looks like the life jacket fit Josh nicely. YAY
Love you guys