Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day - at the Farm

We celebrated Memorial Day in Minersville, with Nick's family! Josh LOVES farm animals, tractors, and all things cowboy. So, we took him to Grandpa's farm for his very first visit. He had a blast!!

First thing - Josh saw the tractor and started saying 'please' 'dada' 'trac-tor' - so Nick - got back into his farming groove - and took the little man for a ride - he was so excited!!

Look at me momma - I'm driving - he kept saying bye bye bye goodbye!

My cute boys on their ride!


Next, we headed out to one of Grandpa's fields to check out the cows and horses - Josh just stared at the animals! He loved it!

Nick put him up on the fence, at first he didn't like it, and wanted to be held...

But, pretty soon, he crawled up by himself - such a big boy!

Aunt Adrienne and cousin Shakell headed out into the field to round up some horses for Josh to see up close, he was having a hard time waiting for them to come back - but he wouldn't get on the other side of the fence with Nick, to walk through the field. He kept crying every time we'd take him over the fence... so he just waited and waited, and just jabbered non-stop about the birds, cows, horses, grandpa, everything -

Here he is waiting with Grandma for those horses!

Finally, he allowed Nick to take him to the horses -

He loved it!

He gave the horses lots of kisses!

Next we wandered around the farm, here he is running around with Alyssa. Gus and Adrienne's kids take such good care of Josh - and he loves them to pieces! This trip he was very much attached to the girls - Shakell, Aryale, and Alyssa!

Before we could leave the farm - another tractor ride was a must! This time, they rode in a different tractor -

Josh was so excited!

You can't see it in a picture, but Josh was so excited! He was jumping up and down, laughing, screaming, waving - he was loving his tractor ride with his daddy!

We had a blast at the farm!

I love seeing Nick at the farm - you wouldn't know it - but he is a farm boy at heart!

Even though he 'hates' farm work - it is so cute to watch him - and fun to realize how much knows about all that stuff! I don't give him enough credit for how darn smart he is!

I think he had a great time showing Joshy around the farm - and giving his boy a tractor ride or two!

It is so fun to spend time with Nick's family - Josh just loves loves loves Grandpa Marshall - We are so lucky to have such a great family!


Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a FUN way to spend Memorial Day!...and what a GREAT place to call home and get to visit!
I love that picture of Nick with Josh on his shoulders looking out into the field...so CUTE!
Glad you had a good weekend and that you have such a precious little boy that you get to experience all these new adventures with!
PS...me not wanting to go to R.S. has absolutely nothing to do with YOU...and everything to do with me being a slacker and burning in HELL someday! :) Believe me...YOU are the only reason I ever go!

Dana said...

Too Cute! The little guy is getting so big. He needs to be a model for Levi jeans, some of those shots are priceless. Luv you guys!

Telsha Winger & fam said...

How fun! LOVE these pics!