Thursday, May 26, 2011


Yesterday was Paige's little brother Garrett's High School Graduation.

We love Garrett!

Paige stayed up - uber late - and made him a money lei!

He was pretty excited about his big day!
It was great to see Mike and Summer too! (Paige's other brother and wife!)

Yesterday we also attended one of Nick's family member's funeral.

Most of his Great Aunts/Uncles were there - we had to get a picture -

they are a fun bunch!

All of the 1st cousins - so Nick's dad's cousins -

hopped in for a picture too!

Ashley, Nick's little sister, and her twins came - it was their first big outing!

Josh loves those babies!

This is our Favorite Aunt Barbara- she isn't doing well -

We were excited for Josh and the twins to meet her -


Josh Loves Loves Loves this blanket!

Our friend Stephanie made it for us -

he HAS to sleep with it -

Camrie - our cute neighbor girl - turned 2 the other day

we had her after daycare -
She was excited about wearing a crown -

and so was Josh!

Mother's Day was great -

I didn't have church meetings that morning!


The boys made me cereal for breakfast - at my request -

I got pretty roses, massage, gift card to great harvest, and a fire escape ladder -

I was super duper excited!

Me and Cute Joshy just before Church!


The Nielsons said...

Can you imagine life without him? What a doll! LOVE the extended family pictures (even though it is at an unfavorable event).

Mike and Katie said...

love the mom and joshy picture...that mr. cool shirt looks great on him....glad it fits! :-)

Ellsworth Party of Four said...

What a CUTE picture of the two of you! Can you even remember NOT having him...aren't we so blessed to be moms...most days anyway!