Monday, June 28, 2010

The Wedding

So, Paige's mommy got married to Todd. We love Todd.
He is so good to us! He is already a great daddy to all of us!
He has a 12...well almost 13... year old daughter named Aubree!
It is confusing around our house with 2 Aubrey(e)'s!

The wedding was Saturday March 20th,
of course we flew out just a few days later to get Josh.
Paige's mom found out she was going to be a
granny on her honeymoon!
So - that is a lame excuse for not blogging about this great wedding
but that is our excuse!

The Happy Couple - Todd and Lu

Paige getting her Mom ready!

Paige putting the flower on Mike

Paige putting the flower on Garrett,
we promise it was not as bad as it looks!

Aubree walking her Daddy Todd down the aisle

Paige greeting guests after the wedding

Paige and Nick

Paige's brother Mike, and his darling wife Summer

Garrett with the two Aubrey(e)s

New sister Aubree after the ceremony

Family Pictures, don't we all look smashing?!

Now, this is more like it!

All the kids!
Aubrey, Mike, Aubree, Garrett, Paige

The family. Mom, geeze, you are so light! :)

Us kids being kids.
Paige's famous monkey face
Mike dying laughing
Aubrey pondering
Garrett and his news caster face...
and poor new sister Aubree
is so thinking what have I gotten into?!!

The wedding party
ready to eat.
The food was delicious!

Mom and Daddy Todd's first dance
Mommy dancing with Mike

Mommy dancing with Garrett

Todd dancing with his Aubree

Nick and our nephew Gus dancing with the bride!

The cake.
Paige made the bouquets.

So cute.
Paige's idea!
Todd and Mom loved it!

Trying to get into the car.
There were at least 100 balloons
Paige is still out of breath!
We had a great time! It was so fun to get all dressed up!
We all had fancy dresses and tuxes.
We danced the night away.
It was a huge party!
Congratulations Mom and Todd - We love you!


Julie said...

oOoOo i love all the pictures from the wedding - so smashing like you said!! Where was this at? looks beautiful - paige - next time i get married you are planning it! :)

Snuggie2U said...

What a fun thing for your mom and new dad. She is a knockout and they look great as a couple. Congratulations.