Monday, June 21, 2010

8 months and Father's Day

Yesterday we celebrated Josh being 8 months old,
and Nick's FIRST official Father's Day!

Josh is 8 months old!

Josh is so much fun!! Even though the poor kid can't catch a break on being sick! Don't mind the booger nose in these pictures - some battles are not worth it! :) Plus his nose is sore.

Things to remember about Josh at 8 months:

* He loves to giggle

* He is a mover! He grabs the carpet and pulls himself along!

* He has a new face - the scrunchy face - it is adorable! He wrinkles up his nose so cute!

* He has the biggest smile

* He waves

* He loves to eat!

* He gives the best kisses! But mostly just to Mommy!

* He loves to roll and roll and roll

* He loves kids. He has such a blast when we are with his cousins

* He loves paper

* He jabbers all the time! Dadadadada and Babababa

* He has a new screech that we do not like

* He loves company in the back seat

* He is better at sitting up

* He reaches out to be held

* He loves the shower and bath tub

We are just so happy to have him in our family! We love him to pieces - and we can't imagine life without him!

Nick's First Official Father's Day

Nick and Josh pulling faces for the camera! Josh's mouth was open twice this size until I took the picture! I love my silly boys!

Nick is the best dad ever! Serious! The bond between Josh and Nick is indescribable. The way they look at each other - is so cute! I have been privileged to watch as Nick just take on the father role so easily. He is such a great example to Josh - I can't wait to see all the amazing things Nick is going to teach Josh.

Don't' you think these are the two most handsome boys ever?!! I'm pretty lucky!


The Marvelous Mrs. Miller said...

Oh My he just gets more & more adorable every day! Love the pics of Josh & dad! Too cute! We'll come visit soon! Loves!

heidi said...

so cute.
i can't believe how big josh is.
nick's tie is fabulous.
love hearing how josh has changed your little family.
you guys are amazing!

Jill said...

happy father's day to nick!

cute, cute little family :)


Vicki said...

Happy Father's Day Nick, we are so happy for you!!

The Webb Family said...

Happy Father's day Nick, hope you found your present!! maybe you will learn to lock your truck to keep the neighbors out! So glad we get to watch joshy grow up everyday and that we are, ya know, "one big happy family!" HA HA. Oh you can't get rid of the truck then we will be one truck down....

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

Yeah! Happy Father's Day!

Julie said...

hahaha love the pictures! :) so cute and funny!

The Martin's said...

Time flies when you're having fun... Love all the pics

Holly said...

Happy Father's Day Nick!! Love the pictures and updates on your new guy.

Anonymous said...

aww he is so cute! i love josh!

Adam and Mary Jo Ford said...

He is so cute!!! And Happy Father's Day Nick! next time you come up for a post placement visit call us and we'll go to dinner or something fun, we would love to see you!