Monday, May 11, 2009

Aubrey's Senior Pictures

Wow! It has been a long time since we posted!

We had the opportunity to take Paige's little sister Aubrey's Senior Pictures last weekend! We had a blast! Aubrey is so fun! We can't believe that she is old enough to be graduating!! To Paige she is still a little toe-headed toddler!

Check out Nick's amazing skills! :)

We had to lift her into this tree! She was honestly freaking out about it!!

I love love love her on the red rocks! The wind was blowing - the lighting was great! We got tons of great pictures here!!

Life is Good!

We had a blast hanging with her for the evening! Love ya tons Aubrey!!


Reed and Chelle Eckman said...

Paige! Those pics are just great! your hubby has great talent! Isn't it just weird that are baby sisters are graduating?! Man!

tylerandtia said...

I seriously cannot believe she is graduating! So so crazy

Brandi said...

my fave's are the Red Rocks and the floral background! Yay, Aubrey!

The Wright Family said...

I just got the grad announcement and they turned out so good! Haven't seen your beauty for a million years...where have you been hiding from me?

The Wright Family said...

How come I've never seen your blog before?? Oh don't mind me, just blog-stalking tonight! But see how beneficial it is? Well here you are! I don't know if we have your email address, so email it to me and we'll send u an ivite to ours cause we're "private". Super cute pics! Hope you guys are doing good!