Friday, March 25, 2011


Every so often, work has a free family swim night,
at one of the local pools
Josh loves loves loves to swim
so we decided - why not.
This was Josh's first time at this particular pool-
normally we just head to Grandma's
But it is winter. :(
Exploring the water and toys with daddy.
Oh daddy -
You let the fountain get me!
Don't worry - Josh thought it was a drinking fountain -
and went in for more!

Enjoying the little slide.
Unfortunately - I neglected to take pictures of
Nick and Josh on the big slide.
Josh had to wear a life-jacket,
and he went down on Nick's lap.
The first time down,
I could hear Josh screaming ... "WEEEEEE!"
He loved it!
And would take of running for the stairs to go down again!
Nick is such a trooper - and a great daddy!

Playing in the fountain again

Time to head home.
Josh is a fish.
Just like his mommy.
He was fighting to get out of the water,
even though his lips were turning blue,
and he couldn't stop shaking.
So Darn Cute.

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Julie said...

I don't think I will ever get over how cute Josh is! Good thing he loves the water cuz he's moving with me when I move to Hawaii! :) (if your a good girl you can come too)