Friday, February 11, 2011

December and January

Hello -

Our last post was about going private... we had so many requests to follow - we know we are super popular. . .so we are contemplating the private thing... but an update is so overdue.

There are lots of pictures below - starting from the beginning of December and through January.

We will start out with an adorable picture of our monster. He loves to get his food everywhere.

On December 6th, Paige got a phone call at work, from Nick's little sister Ashley. Ash was crying and all Paige could understand was...I'm and 8...

Now, Ashley was 29 weeks pregnant with twins. For those of you that don't know... that is 10 or so weeks early for twins. Paige rushed right -- across the street - - to the hospital to be with Ashley. Her husband, Devin was in SLC for meetings.

We discovered the twins would be coming that day. Paige stayed with Ash until her parents got there. Once Devin arrived - about 530pm - they prepped Ash for a C-Section - the boys were here by 6. Everyone did great - especially the boys - being so early.

I'm not sure which baby is which - but these are their first pictures in the NICU - now they are at home, doing great! If I could get over this cold - I'd be there every day holding them! :)

Our first Christmas with Josh was amazing...unfortunately - we didn't take very many pictures.
On Christmas Eve, we went to Paige's mom's neighbor's house - for a traditional dinner. It was fun to see so many friends from Paige's old neighborhood.

Of course we got home, and opened our traditional pj's and ornaments. Nick and Paige got daddy and mommy snowmen, and Josh got a little tike's plane ornament - for his first airplane ride, home with us.
This is Josh opening his first present - his pj's.

Getting excited...realizing all those fancy boxes had something fun for him!

We know we are cheezy. but ... we had to have matching pj's at least once.
Yes these are adult footy pj's. We are cool. Very cool.

Josh on Christmas Morning - loving the potato heads!

Santa brought Josh a BIG slide. He was kinda scared at first, but he loves it now!

Trying to climb up the slide.

Paige's Brother Mike, and his wife Summer stayed with us over the holiday.
They brought their dog, MUGS to our house.
Josh LOVES Mugs - he gave Mugs plenty of kisses,
the majority of course involved licking from both Josh and Mugs.

Josh exploring his stocking.

Opening more presents with Daddy.

Nick's loot -
He got a tool box and TONS of tools.
Spoiled boy!

Their aren't any pictures of Paige...
How does she always avoid the camera? ;)
but she got a fancy right hand diamond ring from Nick -
She was super excited and surprised!

Josh, warming up to the slide.
This is Christmas Night,
Nick's parents were over visiting,
and seeing what Santa brought Josh.
The humongous bear in the background
is from Paige's parents to Josh!

Josh loving on the bear

On last time down the slide before bed!

Nick's 32'nd birthday was January 16th - we were going to be out of town - for Summer's (Paige's sister in law) graduation. So Nick was a little bummed, he wouldn't have a fancy birthday party on his big day. But I surprised him - Nick had scouts - and once he left, the friends started to arrive. He was sure surprised when he got home, and found all of his friends there to party! :)

Don't you love his cake-
bet ya didn't know Nick was a skate-boarder!
Just Teasing - I just thought the cake was cute! :)

Blow out those candles! :)

Opening some gifts.
We are so lucky to have so many great friends,
and family members so close to us!

Last but not least, we drove to SLC, after Nick's party to be there for Summer's graduation from NURSING SCHOOL! Way to go Summer! She has now passed her stinking NCLEX (the hardest test in the history of man!) and she is an official RN. Welcome to the club Summy! :) We are so proud of her! We love her to pieces!

Mike (Paige's little bro) and Summer

Aunt Summy and Josh

The last few months have flown by with Josh.
We can't believe how much we love him, and what our lives were like without him!
He is doing so many funny things...that we need to remember. 15 months he -
* He still signs for everything - he learned to sign bath and blanket.
* He loves to say baby and blow kisses, and he still signs all the regular, please, more, milk, thank you, hi, bye, mom, dad,
* He can show you some of his body parts: eyes, ears, nose, teeth, tongue, lips, hair, head, toes, belly, fingers.
* He can tell you what the dog, cow, turkey, and scarecrow say.
* He loves to read farm books - he waves at the farmer!
* He says some words - but mostly signs - but he says dada, mama, ball, book, bye, uo oh,... and jabbers non stop!
* He loves to wrestle. He loves to wrestle mommy! - He is great at pulling her hair!
* He has had super bad ear infections, and will probably get tubes ... :(
* He blows everyone kisses
* Still a water baby!
* The DR thinks he is allergic to dairy products, so we've removed dairy :( and the kid loves soy milk!
* Can open all the doors in our house, he loves to escape into the garage.
* He loves to open and close the big garage door.
* Ever since Mugs, (Paige's brothers dog) was here, Josh runs to the backyard doors every time we get home, saying pup pup - looking for Mugs.
*He loves babies, he is protective of the babies in his day care class, he loves to kiss them.


Mike and Katie said...

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Demarcus Family said...

hey Paige! Just saw the link to your blog on facebook! You guys are so cute! remind me to tell you about something that might help Josh's ears.. that worked worth Gabe when he was about to get tubes. He hasn't had an ear infection since!

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Oh my gosh! He is getting so big! He is so gorgeous!

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