Thursday, May 20, 2010

7 Months

Josh is 7 months today!

We can't believe that we've had Josh in our home for almost 2 months!

Things to remember about Josh at 7 months:

* He loves to smile and giggle
* Lots for momma and daddy
* But not often for others
* He will not smile for the camera
* He loves to eat
* But he hates any type of cereal
* He likes the bath tub
* He loves the shower
* He sleeps on his tummy
* He loves to jabber
* He does it all the time
* He says da da da da
* He says mmmmm but not mama
* He started to crawl
* But only one time
* Now he just loves to do push-ups
* He loves to roll around
* He often gets stuck on his tummy and he hates it
* He loves his toes and his tongue
* He loves to suck on his bottom lip
* He is a screamer
* He hates having lotion put on his face
* He loves stuffed animals
* Everything goes in his mouth
* He likes to ride in the car
* He loves his stroller
* He loves his jumper
* He loves to splash in the tub
* He is determined to get out of his bumbo
* He hates when we leave the room
* He has met at least 300 family and friends
* They all love him
* But not as much as we do!

Happy 7 Months Josh!
We love you!


Julie said...

can't get over his dang cuteness! i want to see him and you guys again SOON!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

Yeah! Happy 7 month birthday, Josh!

The Nielsons said...

I can't believe you've had him for 2 months either...and you still haven't emailed me to give me the "nitty gritty". :-)

I love all your all look so happy!

Devin and Ashley Johnson said...

We love our little Joshie! That picture is so cute, he alwyas put a smile on our faces. That was a fast two months!