Sunday, January 10, 2010

Newspaper Article

We know we are SO behind on blogging the holiday season, but we hope you will forgive us! We will post soon all about our holiday adventures!

But first - we wanted to share exciting news - The Spectrum - the local newspaper - did an article about us and our efforts to adopt. A big thank you to Lisa Larson - the writer of the article! We thought we would share the link on our blog - if anyone was interested in looking at it!

Here is the link:

This is a picture taken in our home during the interview!

We already feel famous from our exposure with this article! We had many people talk to us at church that we didn't know, and even a gentleman stop us at the hospital today, because he recognized us from the paper - We are excited, and feel that great things will come from this amazing opportunity!


tylerandtia said...

Your article was amazing! It is so well written! We love you! You have our support, love, & Prayers!

Karen and Mike Sharp said...

Hey guys-- awesome article! :)
Also, THANK YOU for taking such good care of Lisa and Derek this past weekend. It was such a comfort to our family to know they have amazing friends like you. We are very grateful.

Julie said...

you are FAMOUS!! I am lucky to know you - woot!!! :) What a great article! Many prayers that all your efforts will pay off soon!!

Derek and Lisa Larson said...

You guys deserve any possible good that this small effort might bring. Thank you seems like such as small thing to say for everything you've done for me.

Tobler's said...

Hey Paige! I read this in the paper on Sunday. Our prayers are with you guys and hope that things will work out soon!
I haven't seen you in so long it was fun to see your face in the paper! :) I came across your blog and was so excited so I am adding you to mine if that's ok! Feel free to stop by ours anytime.