Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Holidays!

Well - It has been a long time since we posted! We hope that every had a great Christmas! We sure did!

On Christmas Eve, we headed to Paige's moms. Luey had a great dinner prepared! Paige's brother Mike, and his wife Summer came down! And as usual - Mike was the life of the party! It was so fun to be able to spend some time with them! We had lots of laughs as we played catch phrase, and the hand slap game!

Paige worked on Christmas morning for a few hours, so of course the little children in us- we got up at 330 to see what Santa had brought us!

Nick being surprised!

Paige being surprised!

We had decided that we would keep Christmas low key - cause we've had so many fun adventures this year! But Paige is not very good at keeping the rules - and she got Nick ....

His very first....

Hand Gun!

He was so surprised and excited!

After Paige got off work, we headed over to her Mom's for our traditional Christmas Breakfast! You've got to love Luey's Christmas Eggs and Monkey Bread! It was fun to spend time with Paige's brothers and sister!

Nick worked the day after Christmas, so after he got off, we headed to Minersville to visit his family!

On Saturday morning, we went to the farm with Nick's brother Gus. We got to feed the cows - and of course - no trip to the farm is complete without a ride in the tractor!

Nick - what a Sexy Farmer!

Us in the John Deere!

Nick's brother, Gus, was driving another tractor - and one of the lines froze- because it was so blasted cold out to the farm! So Nick had to steer while Gus worked the gears manually from OUTSIDE the tractor! I had quite a few laughs watching them! They eventually got their telepathy going - and it became a smooth operation!

Nick Headed over to check on Gus when his tractor froze!

A perfect operation!

Because they both had to operate one of the tractors - that left me - to drive the John Deere - pulling the full feed bucket - back to the shop - oh man - I was so nervous! and I went SO SLOW - but it was fun - I even sang "HE Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" to myself!

Then we went to check the water - and of course the pump had frozen over. So Nick and Gus set up the propane tank - got a flame going, and set out to thaw the pipes. Gus told me later, that Nick had propane fumes on his pants, and when they opened up the flame, Nick caught on fire. Of course Nick didn't tell me, cause he knew I would have freaked out! I seriously checked Nicks legs the rest of the day, and asked him a zillion times if he was okay!

Nick - coming out of the pump house!

Nick and Gus in the pump house.

The best part about waiting for the pipes to thaw - was that we got to go try out Nick's new gun! We headed out in the truck - to hunt rabbits! It was so much fun! I couldn't load Nick's clips fast enough! It was a good thing I bought a brick of 400 bullets! I even shot A rabbit - and of course - it was the ONLY one that cried! If you've every heard a rabbit cry - you know what I'm talking about - it was so sickening! I was done shooting after that!


For New Years Eve we had some friends over for games, play the Wii, and breakfast! We had a great time! We hung out with Blair and Vanessa, Matt and Amanda, Troy and Andrea, and our friends Craig and Sarah were here from Connecticut! It was fun to hang out with them!

We hope everybody had a great holiday season, and we wish you all a great New Year!


The Holland Family said...

Sounds like a riot. I need some of Lu's cookin' myself. I did get 2 of the mint oreo cookies. Yum Yum. Tell her thanks! Love, Nicole

Geoff & Niccole said...

You guys always know how to have a good time. Arent families the best. I remember a time when I could never get along with them and now its like why was I so retarted? haha Growing up is an experience. I love you both!! Happy New Year!

Julie said...

You drove a tractor?! You are seriously my hero right now!! :) What kind of hand gun thingy did you get Nick? I got Rhett one too! I think it's 22 is the key word!!

You should call me - I miss you!

Yoneeley said...

That sounds so fun! I love the picture of you 2 in the tractor! SO cute! Happy new year to you too!

Dawna said...

Yeah I got to see the "Nick surprised to see his gun" face. It is priceless. I would like to see a "Paige getting sexy on her tractor" face, wait.... maybe NOT!

Derek and Sharice said...

Hey it's Sharice from the ER. e-mail me and I will add you to my blog. It's private... You guys have WAY too much fun and you are too CUTE!

tylerandtia said...

Hey Guys! It looks like you had a great time during the holidays! I hope you two are doing good!!

Julie said...

oh la la nice new blog background - sooo pretty!! :)

There is a room for Aunt Paige & I guess Uncle Nick...but that is only up to you :)!! am so stinkin funny!! (no offense nick...i'm just silly!) BLAH!!

the only catch is...we don't have a bed you can have your own room but you'll have to sleep on the ground... :)